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An Ogre scenario

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This scenario will support up to nine players, for those with all supplemental counters (Classic, Barbarians at the Gate, and Nihon).

The basic DE set will support four factions (Combine, PE, Third Force, and Black Rose). Two player scenarios are provided for completeness, but tend to turn into Ceasefire Collapse and are not recommended.

A tribute to classic Microgames.

During the Factory States era a freelancer discovered a cache of reactor cores untouched since the Collapse. Since he couldn't haul the stuff away himself he sold the location to a local warlord for a finder's fee. And all the other local warlords. Now they're converging on the site together.


The Ogre board may be used for 2 players. The GEV-type boards may be used for 2-5 players. A larger game may be played on a four-map board with 4-9 players. For the four-map board, choose one board randomly to be the NW corner. Choose randomly between the two matching boards to be the NE corner. Place the remaining two boards to fit.


Ogre Board

EntryN Side
EntryS Side

One GEV-Type Board

Reactor 110712051912
Reactor  12171505
Reactor   1519
EntryN Side011201012304
EntryS Side200123012320
Entry 202223230112
Entry  01230923
Entry   0901

Four GEV-Type Boards

Reactor  SE0408SW2306SE0803SE0905
Reactor  NW1523NW1616SW2007SW1505
Reactor    NW1720NW1715
Reactor SW1009SW1209SW1209SW2314SW2316
Reactor  NW1215NW0817SW1410SW1312
Reactor   NW1609NW1022SW0803
Reactor    NW1414NW1014
Reactor     NW1708
Entry NW0119SW1022SW1123SE1022SE0923
Entry  NW0123SW0104SW1323SW1422
Entry   NW0102SW0110SW0113
Entry    NW0113NW0117

Check the starting table above for the board configuration and number of players you have. The reactor markers ("?") are placed in the designated hexes. If a reactor is in a water hex, place a clear terrain overlay under it. Assign players randomly to the starting positions. Each player's units must enter from off the board within two hexes of their designated starting hex.

Each player takes three terrain overlays. One must be single-hex. Only one may be larger than two hexes. Only one may have a road on it. Starting with the player closest to the NW corner and rotating clockwise, each may place one overlay anywhere on the board. An overlay may not be placed adjacent to another player's overlay or within six hexes of another player's starting hex. Sponsored sheet overlays may only be used if all players agree on their terrain effect.

Players each select 10 armor units. A unit may be exchanged for three squads of infantry. Each player also has three hovertrucks.

First player is selected randomly. Play proceeds clockwise.


Every even-numbered turn players receive reinforcements. If a player has fewer than three hovertrucks on the board one hovertruck is received with the reinforcement. Roll one die to see what the reinforcement will be.

Reinforcements enter on the starting hex.

Players with no units on the board may not receive reinforcements.

  1. HVY or GEV
  2. MSL or GEV-PC
  3. 2 LTs or 2 LGEVs
  4. GEV
  5. Three points of INF
  6. Any unit or combination of units worth up to 6 VPs


Units may escape from any edge hex within two hexes of their starting hex.

Special Rules


All bridges are destroyed. All roads through towns are cut. This does not apply to overlays placed by players.


If a hovertruck begins the turn in a hex with a reactor marker it can be loaded onto the hovertruck. They have unarmed crews to handle this. A hovertruck can't hold infantry or other units if it has a container loaded. Reactors remain on the hovertruck unless it loads an infantry unit, in which case the reactor is placed in the hex and may be loaded by any player.If a hovertruck is destroyed the reactor is destroyed as well.

Disable results have no effect on the cargo. Reactors are very heavy. A hovertruck carrying one has movement M2/0.

Disabled hovertrucks may not move or load reactors.

GEV-PCs may not carry reactors.

Set For Stun

Players may make spill-over only attacks on hexes. Apply the spill-over effect of the fire to all units in the hex.


If infantry overrun a hex containing an enemy hovertruck, when all combat is over the hovertruck is replaced by a friendly one. A squad can spare one member as a driver without losing combat effectiveness. Cargo is unaffected by the hijacking.

Hijacked hovertrucks cannot move until the new owner's next turn. If a hovertruck carrying infantry overruns an enemy one the infantry may dismount and hijack the enemy hovertruck after all other overrun combat is concluded.


Armor units may overrun an enemy hovertruck without destroying it. The enemy hovertruck may not move until the overrunning units leave the hex.

Victory conditions

The game ends when all reactors have been removed from the board or only one player has units on the board. If one player controls the board he counts all remaining reactors toward his score.

The player who carries the most reactor off the board through his entry hexes is the winner. If there's a tie in number of reactors the tied player with the most units surviving (on board or escaped) wins. If a player destroys a reactor all other factions will be angry over the destruction of pre-Collapse gear. This counts as minus one reactor for the player's score.

A time limit can be set. At the end of the game players count non-disabled hovertrucks carrying reactors as half a reactor toward their score.

Having two reactors more than the second-place player is a decisive victory. Any player who recovers two reactors can claim a marginal victory. Any player with more than two reactors has a normal victory.

Variant Scenarios

Advanced Scenario

Each player starts with 20 armor units and 3 hovertrucks. An armor unit may be exchanged for three points of infantry.

Ogre Scenario

Each player may choose one of the following starting forces:

  1. Mark V, 10 armor units (exchangeable for infantry), 3 hovertrucks
  2. Mark IV, 10 armor units (exchangeable for infantry), 3 hovertrucks
  3. Fencer, 13 armor units (exchangeable for infantry), 3 hovertrucks
  4. Mark III, 18 armor units (exchangeable for infantry), 3 hovertrucks
  5. Two Mark IIs, 19 armor units (exchangeable for infantry), 3 hovertrucks

Ogres may perform “Blocking” as described above.

Peaceful Countryside

Bridges and roads through towns are intact. This will speed up the game but help some starting positions more than others.


Hovertrucks carrying reactors have movement M2/1. This will favor speed over slugging it out.

The Ogre Scenario Book 2 PDF, combining all of these scenarios, may be purchased on Warehouse 23

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