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Storming the Castle

An Ogre scenario

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Competing factions seek to capture an important scientist. The mission is further complicated by the fact that the scientist's island castle is defended by hardened gun emplacements.


G1 and S1, with S1 to the east.


One of the triangular "town" overlays, setup over hexes G1-2309, G1-2310, and S1-0209. This overlay represents the island.


Determine the number of factions vying to capture the scientist, then randomly determine the order of play based on the number of factions. Use numbered markers or some other method (such as extra dice) to insure that the order of play is clear in a game with more than two factions (i.e.: F1, F2, F3, F4), especially as the players may not necessarily be seated in a clockwise fashion.

Place a gray admin building in hex G1-2310 to represent the castle. Use one of the "?" markers (with the "?" facing up) to represent the scientist, which is also placed in hex G1-2310.

Select 1 MHWZ per faction in play to represent the hardened gun emplacements (from all available counters - feel free to mix and match-these units are "neutral"; see Special rules). These units should be evenly distributed between hexes G1-2309 and S1-0209 (if there is an odd number of MHWZ, place the last unit in G1- 2309).

Each faction receives 12 GEVs.

Map Entry & Escape

Before the first turn of play, each faction (in order), will choose one of the available sections of the map as their entry point. That faction may only enter from those hexes, and must exit using those same hexes. The entry hex counts for movement. Once all factions have chosen their entry point, the first turn begins, using the same order of play.

  • 2 factions: E, W
  • 3 factions: NE, SE, W
  • 4 factions: NE, NW, SE, SW

Option-additional factions:

If you have access to additional factions from other sources, this scenario may be played with up to six players.

  • 5 factions: NE, NW, S, SE, SW
  • 6 factions: E, NE, NW, SE, SW, W




  • E: Eastern entry/escape hexes are S1-2308 through S1-2315.
  • NE: Northeastern entry/escape hexes are S1-1601 through S1-2301.
  • NW: Northwestern entry/escape hexes are G1-0101 through G1-0801.
  • S: Southern entry/escape hexes: G1-1923 through S1-0323.
  • SE: Southeastern entry/escape hexes are - S1-1622 through S1-2323.
  • SW: Southwestern entry/escape hexes are G1-0123 through G1-0822.
  • W: Western entry/escape hexes are G1-0108 through G1-0115.

Special Rules

The Admin building ("castle") may not be attacked as long as the scientist is present in the same hex. If attacked, it has a SP value of 30.

The goal of this scenario is to capture and escape the map with the scientist. If the scientist is in the castle, a manned unit (or infantry squad) capable of reaching the island must spend one full turn in the castle hex without moving. The scientist can still be captured by a disabled unit. Once captured, the scientist marker is placed with the unit. The scientist can be transferred to another unit as long as both units spend an entire turn in the same hex without moving.

While the scientist is being carried by an enemy armor unit, all "X" results against that unit are treated as "D" results (if using infantry, an infantry unit cannot be reduced below 1 squad) except during overrun combat. In order to capture the scientist from an enemy unit, the attacker must "destroy" said unit during an overrun. The attacker must spend the entire next turn in that hex in order to capture the scientist. Note: This can occur in any terrain-even water-as whoever captures the scientist first would put him in a hardened survival suit.

The MHWZs ("hardened gun emplacements") on the island are "neutral", existing only to defend the scientist. At the end of each faction's Second (GEV) movement phase, but before the turn passes to the next faction, there is a "neutral fire phase" (one for each faction). During this phase, an opposing player should control the MHWZs, but they may only fire at the units of the faction that just finished their turn!

For this scenario, the MHWZs are immobile (place a "Stuck" marker on them, if desired), and ignore "D" results as if they were Ogre weapons. As they are in town hexes, their defense is doubled.

Objective & Victory Conditions

The objective is to capture the scientist and escape the map (see Map entry and escape). Any faction that achieves this goal immediately wins the scenario. If something prevents all factions from achieving this goal (such as all the attackers being destroyed or the only surviving unit becoming "Stuck"), then no one wins.

Victory Levels



Scenario Variants

If the players agree, they may assemble their own forces using 12 armor units (or their equivalent in Victory Points). Alternately, they may elect to use 18 armor units. In this case, add 2 additional MHWZs to the castle's defenses.

When assembling their own force, no unit may be selected unless they have at least M2 (nothing slower would have kept up with the raiding force). Cruise Missiles, Hovertrucks and Trucks are not allowed.

Ogre scenario


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