What People Are Saying

The following praises were sung on the Steve Jackson Games forums about the third volume of Pyramid, on sale now!

  • The new format for Pyramid has many advantages and, so far, has resulted in a quality product. I'm very pleased with the first five issues.
    – "Mgellis"

  • The game system is going forward and breaking new ground . . . and it's getting fun. Pyramid is acting as a multiplier to this excellence and excitement.
    – "Jeffr0"

  • I still enjoy reading any articles that can be mined for ideas, and often, the well-written articles of Pyramid make it easy for me to extract something from them . . . and if not, they make an enjoyable read by themselves.
    – "Liantefaron"

  • I am very enthusiastic about the new version of Pyramid and hope this incarnation succeeds and surpasses all expectations . . .
    – "Griffin, MIB"

  • Looks awesome, guys. Great work.
    – "Crakkerjakk"

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