About Pyramid

Pyramid Magazine was first published in the summer of 1993. Thirty issues later, the transition was made to an all-Internet publication. Updated weekly, the online Pyramid served up articles, reviews, and news for 10 years (and over 500 issues!). In 2008, Pyramid once again reinvented itself, this time as a monthly PDF publication available for sale digitally. Each monthly installment delivered articles about a specific theme, from noir to cyberpunk to epic magic. This volume of Pyramid lasted for over 10 years, ending with Pyramid #3/122: All Good Things in December 2018.

All issues of the most-recent version of Pyramid are available as individual purchases, or explore these back issues broken down into broad categories of historical/fantasy, modern and near-modern, and SF/futuristic. You can also revisit Pyramid's earlier history, or buy issues from the first volume in PDF format from Warehouse 23 (including an affordable bundle).

Since Pyramid has ceased publication, we are no longer seeking articles for it at this time. If you have comments or questions about back issues, write to pyramid@sjgames.com.