Pyramid: Previous 'Future' Issues

The third volume of Pyramid often thought to the future – literally! – with an issue devoted to space or futuristic gaming. (In GURPS terms, this is anything from late TL8 and beyond.) This includes genres such as post-apocalypse or space opera, focussed topics like space colonies, and useful sci-fi gaming resources (who can't use more future technology?). This category is also where you'll find issues devoted to our futuristic settings, such as Transhuman Space.

Pyramid #3/12: Tech and Toys

Pyramid #3/12: Tech and Toys (October 2009)

This issue gives you a plethora of "Tech and Toys." This futuristic issue includes "More Ultra! More Tech!," with dozens of new items and options that expand on GURPS Ultra-Tech. New defensive possibilities! More weapons! Improved equipment!

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Pyramid #3/09: Space Opera

Pyramid #3/09: Space Opera (July 2009)

The future never seemed so retro – this time, the theme is "Space Opera!" In this issue, you can threaten interstellar peace with four cosmos-concerning contraptions in "Doomsday Weapons." These generic devices come with adventure possibilities and can form the basis for a rousing space-opera tale, or even a campaign!

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Pyramid #3/06: Space Colony Alpha

Pyramid #3/06: Space Colony Alpha (April 2009)

This issue's theme is "Space Colony Alpha." In these 44 pages are tools, tips, and inspiration for any group of determined futurists looking to stake a claim on a distant world. Contents include "Surprises from Mother Nature" – four life forms that can present unique challenges for colonists. Each has GURPS stats, but is generic enough to plug into most space-faring games.

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Pyramid #3/03: Venturing Into the Badlands – Post-Apocalypse

Pyramid #3/03: Venturing Into the Badlands – Post-Apocalypse (January 2009)

This month's installment is entitled "Venturing Into the Badlands: Post-Apocalypse." It's 44 pages dedicated to the end times, and includes a description by Peter Dell'Orto (GURPS Martial Arts) and Sean Punch (GURPS Action) of "Deathball," the GURPS sport of the future!

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Sample Articles

What kind of articles were in sci-fi/futuristic issues of Pyramid? Try these sample articles and see!

You can also check out the introduction, table of contents, and sample pages for any issue of Pyramid, available via Warehouse 23!