Pathfinder Revolution!
  • Two-Sided Map
  • 12 Score Markers
  • 6 Two-Sided Bid Boards
  • 6 Player Screens
  • 156 Influence Cubes
  • Tokens
  • Rulesheet

Game Design by Philip duBarry * Developed by Sam Mitschke and Randy Scheunemann

Suggested Retail Price $59.95 * Stock number 1913 * UPC 080742095250
November 2023 – Click here to order!

Make Your Bid For Power!

Behold the city of Korvosa, the gateway to fabled Varisia. Those with the most guile, cunning, and simple brute force control the city.

Welcome to Pathfinder Revolution!

Secretly bid against your opponents for control of important people and guilds, gaining influence in different regions throughout the city, as well as more gold, power, or blackmail for your war chest. Gold can sway the Guildmaster, and blackmail may turn the Hellknight to your side, but sometimes the only answer to a problem is force. Can you use the tools of gutter statecraft, bluff or outguess your opponents, and build a coalition to control the city?

Pathfinder Revolution! is a game of bidding and intrigue for three to six players.

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