Toon Ace Catalog – Cover



Toon Ace Catalog

Written by Robert "Doc" Cross, Leonard Loos, and M. Craig Stockwell
Edited by Scott D. Haring * Cover art by Kyle Miller * Illustrated by Kyle Miller

204 pages. Softcover. * Suggested Retail Price $19.95
Stock number 7606 * ISBN 1-55634-278-0
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Shop 'Til You're Boggled!

The Ace Catalog is you one-shop shopping source for anything and everything your Toon character needs! Low Prices! Speedy Delivery! Unparalleled Quality! Just out this selection:

  • Toon-Tech – From Exploding Anvils to a hair-Raising Moose to Nuclear-Powered Pogo Sticks, cartoon mayhem is sillier than ever with our line of wacky weapons and groovy gadgets!
  • UltraToon-Tech – Giant Robots, Starships, the latest Toonpunk cyberware, we've got it all! Plus loads of new alien races and ready-to-play Meks, Robots and Starships!
  • Weird-Tech – Fighting Elderly Horrors in Crawl of Catchoolu? Menaced by monsters straight out of Atomic Monster Theater? We've got what you need to deal with 'em!
  • Anytown – That's right, the entire town is for sale! We've got it all – every building, every street – plus complete descriptions of all of Anytown's leading citizens!
  • And More – Two complete adventures! An all-new Toon adventure generator! Dozens of new characters! And wacky Top 25 Lists to boggle any Toon maniac!


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