Car Wars Goes Virtual!

We've got all the details in "SJ Games News" on p. 5, but it bears repeating here: Steve Jackson Games has signed a deal with VictorMaxx Technologies for a virtual reality environment based on Car Wars. The first phase will be location-based entertainment centers (LBEs), where you can climb into a cockpit and use the latest virtual reality technology to take on your friends on the highways and in the arenas of 2046.

After the centers get up and running, an online version and a home CD-ROM version will come out - and they will all be compatible with each other, so you can sit at your computer at home and take on two guys at a LBE in one city, somebody else in another city, plus two duellists who have logged on through an online service, all in real time. Obviously, we're very excited about the prospects for this as not only a huge hit in its own right, but as an opportunity for Car Wars and the AADA to be as big or bigger than it ever was.

Watch this space for some exciting new announcements about the Car Wars line and the future of the AADA.

Car Wars Compendium Returns With New Attitude

We've announced the February release of a reprint of the Car Wars Compendium, 2nd Edition that will feature a truckload of new art and an all-new graphic treatment by Richard Meaden, the graphics guru who is doing most of Pyramid magazine these days.

This edition is not a revision of the Car Wars rules - we may do that sometime down the line, but not without a lot of input from the fans and a great deal of time and thought - but it will be much easier to read, with larger type, better graphics and better tables and diagrams. It will also look incredible. Like we said, look for it in February at a store near you.

AADA Roster

We've had some of those terrible computer gremlins eat some of our database in a conversion to a new system, so we can't vouch that this is an entirely accurate list of official AADA members and chapters. (Since it's so short, I'm tempted to believe that it's seriously mangled.) If you're not on this list, please contact us right away (and if you sent us a photocopy of your charter certificate, that would help clear up the confusion right away). Anyway, here's who we have, including clubs who have recently expired:

Dotson Autoduellists

David Dotson, President
11618 8th Ave. W.
Everett, WA 98204
Expired 5/11/45

Division of Enumclaw Auto Duellists (DEAD)

Martin A. Hauge, President
39419 303rd Ave. SE
Enumclaw, WA 98022
Expired 5/30/45

Surrey Municipal Elite Guard, Motorized Armor (SMEGMA)

Brian Thomas, President
#109 - 12975 106th Ave.
Surrey, BC, Canada V3T 2C1
Expired 6/27/45

Death Racing Association - Washington (DRAW)

Bill Stevenson, President
PO Box 4195
Omak, WA 98841

Just Another Day Productions, Sponsor
732 S. Jackson / Rt. 2, Box 51
Omak, WA 98841
Expired 7/20/45

Game Masters of Central Florida

Daniel R. Sloan, President
5513 Britan Dr.
Orlando, FL 32808
Expired 8/22/45


Grady Elliot, President
2006 Woodriver Dr. #8
Carbondale, IL 62901
Expired 8/31/45

Seattle Hierarchy of Autoduelling Fanatical Terrorists (SHAFT)

Lon Staves, President
2009 NW 63rd St.
Seattle, WA 98107
Expired 10/6/45

New Omaha Vehicular Association (NOVA)

Norman McMullen, President
2524 Madison St.
Bellevue, NE
Expired 10/31/45

DWARF on Wheels

Benjamin Frisch, President
34 Woodward Ave.
Asheville, NC 28804
Expired 11/15/45

Northern Occidental Researchers and Duellists (NORAD)

M. Craig Stockwell, President
2000 Benson Rd. S. #115-134
Seattle, WA 98055-4452
Expired 11/17/45


Francis Lalumiere, President
2860 de Carignan
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H1N 2Y4
Expires 6/14/46

AzNev Vehicle Design Group

Issak Haywood, President
4180 West Desert Inn Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89103

Asgaard Games, Sponsor
Expires 6/28/46


Magnus Karlsson, President
Penningv. 13
S-633 62 Eskilstuna
Expires 7/1/46


S. John Ross, President
1320 Jeff Davis Highway #2
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

OtherWorld Adventures, Sponsor
1320 Jeff Davis Highway #20
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Expires 7/6/46

Vancouver's Idiotic Pyromaniac Exterminators (VIPER)

Cameron Evans, President
3116 138th St.
Surrey, BC, Canada V4A 8N7
Expires 7/27/46

Hammer's Slammers

Timothy D. Jacques, President
513 Wilshire Dr. #6
Bellevue, NE 68005
Expires 8/31/46

Boston Autoduelling Association (BAD Ass.)

Amy C. Carey, President
39-41 Hancock Street #3
Salem, MA 01970
Expires 9/15/46


William Spencer, Felton, CA
Bill Glenn, Irving, TX
Dean Heitkamp, Cedar Rapids, IA

Again, if you or your club is not on this list and you think you should be, please contact us immediately.

If you'd like to join the AADA - and who wouldn't! - check out the sidebar on page 82. Join us. Join us!

A Word About Tournaments

We want to continue to sponsor the AADA World Championship Tournaments, and we want them to be as popular and as fun as possible. We had some difficulties last year when our co-sponsor (and the people who were going to actually run the tournaments), Soldiers & Swords, dropped out at the last minute. We scrambled as best we could, but the tournaments could have been a lot better. We have some ideas for changes for next year, and we'd love to hear from you about some of them.

Preliminary Rounds. There aren't nearly as many chapters as there used to be, and very few Regional Tournaments are even being run anymore. Are they worth the trouble? Should we drop the round altogether?

Origins vs. GenCon. Traditionally, the World Duelling Championships were held at Origins and the Racing Championships were added a couple of years later for GenCon. For the past five years and maybe more, however, GenCon has drawn a lot more gamers than Origins - last year it was 30,000 to 7,000. Should we hold both tournaments at GenCon? Switch the tournaments so that the Duelling Championships - ostensibly the more prestigious of the two - is held at the larger convention? On the other hand, we had more participants at this year's Origins events than at GenCon; Origins is still thought of as a boardgame con while GenCon is more of a roleplaying con. That's not strictly true, of course, but it's a useful generalization for this argument. So where and when should the tournaments be held?

Prizes. What do you want for prizes? Certificates? SJ Games merchandise? Flashy trophies? What about for Club Champions and Regional Champions (if we have Regionals, that is)? Let us know.

As you can see, we have a lot of decisions to make. Please help us make them.

Drive Offensively!

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