We've got some big plans for Car Wars and the AADA this year, but as this is written in December, 1995, a lot of things haven't exactly firmed up. Here's what we know so far:

Car Wars Goes Virtual

You saw the announcement last issue about VictorMaxx, and their plans for a prototype Autoduel commercial virtual reality set-up in Chicago this summer are still on schedule. Eventually, we'd love to have certain special AADA events happen in the Autoduel pods, but that's still a year or two away at best. But we think this new technology is going to provide a big boost to the Car Wars line, and we want to take advantage of it.

Car Wars 3-D

Sometime in the second half of the year, we'll bring out Car Wars 3-D. We're still shaping exactly what will go into this baby, but we know a few things now. It will be double the original Car Wars scale; it will definitely have a bunch of vehicle miniatures, and will probably have terrain, too; and it will be much simpler and easier to learn than the current version of Car Wars.

Will the simpler Car Wars 3-D replace the current version of Car Wars in AADA tournaments? Not likely. Our diehard fans, the ones that have stuck with Car Wars through thick and thin, like the tactical challenge of the original game. We'll probably use the 3-D miniatures and terrain at the big tournaments, and we may run additional events for Car Wars 3-D, but the AADA championships will be run with good old Car Wars.

AADA Tournaments

Which brings me to the subject of this year's AADA tournaments. We'll publish all the official rules in the next issue of Pyramid, but this is what we know so far:

AADA chapters should hold Club Championships in both duelling and racing in early 1996. How you organize the event is entirely up to you. Club champions will get a bye in the first round of the Worlds.

There will be no official Regionals this year - there just aren't enough clubs out there to have a significant number of events. Last year, I believe only one regional was held at all. When the AADA gets bigger, I hope to bring back this level of competition. Clubs are still encouraged to get together and play each other at conventions or wherever else they can, and if you contact us in advance, we'll provide some prizes or something.

The 2046 AADA World Duelling Championships will be held at Origins '96 on July 4-7, 1996 in Columbus, OH. The Worlds will be a three-round event. The first round will be an open qualifier; winners will advance to the semi-finals, with any attending Club Champions getting byes to the semis. Semi-final winners, along with the defending World Champion, will fight it out for the title.

The 2046 AADA World Racing Championships will be held at GenCon 1996 on August 10-13, 1996 in Milwaukee, WI. This will also be a three-round event, structured just like the World Duelling Championships.

The format of the individual rounds - and in fact who will be running them - has yet to be determined. We've already received one kind offer from an AADA chapter to run the Racing Championships for us, and we may very well take them up on it. We'll have the whole thing laid out in the next issue of Pyramid.

. . . And An Apology

The last year hasn't been a very good one for the AADA. Last summer's tournaments could have been a lot better (especially the Racing Championships at GenCon, which were put together hastily and showed it), and we haven't been so organized with getting prizes to Club Champions, or even renewing AADA applications. And I can't remember when's the last time we actually did an AADA Newsletter, though that's mainly because we haven't had a whole lot to say . . .

Anyway, I'd like to make it up to those faithful fans that have remained faithful. It's not much, but we're renewing all current AADA chapters for an extra year, on us. What's more, any recently expired chapters (or even totally new ones, for that matter) that join up between now and June 1, 1996, will get two years for the price of one. It's the least we can do for our fans, and we hope this year will justify your faith in us.

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