Roster Update

OK, we heard from a few other clubs, and here's the latest list. This also takes into account the extra year tacked on to memberships that we announced last issue. Again, if you see any problems, let us know:

AzNev Vehicle Design Group

Issak Haywood, President
4180 West Desert Inn Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Asgaard Games, Sponsor
Expires 6/28/47


Bruce Lam, President
1270 W. 51st Ave.
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6P 1C5
Expires 3/30/46


Grady Elliot, President
2006 Woodriver Dr. #8
Carbondale, IL 62901
Expires 8/31/46

Boston Autoduelling Association (BAD Ass.)

Amy C. Carey, President
39-41 Hancock Street #3
Salem, MA 01970
Expires 9/15/47

Death Racing Association - Washington (DRAW)

Bill Stevenson, President
PO Box 4195
Omak, WA 98841
Just Another Day Productions, Sponsor
732 S. Jackson / Rt. 2, Box 51
Omak, WA 98841
Expires 7/20/46

Division of Enumclaw Auto Duellists (DEAD)

Martin A. Hauge, President
39419 303rd Ave. SE
Enumclaw, WA 98022
Expires 5/30/46

Dotson Autoduellists

David Dotson, President
11618 8th Ave. W.
Everett, WA 98204
Expires 5/11/46

DWARF on Wheels

Benjamin Frisch, President
34 Woodward Ave.
Asheville, NC 28804
Expires 11/15/46

Game Masters of Central Florida

Daniel R. Sloan, President
5513 Britan Dr.
Orlando, FL 32808
Expires 8/22/46


John M. Hurtt, President
2410 N. Hastings St.
Orlando, FL 32808
Expires 1/24/47


Chris Alexander, President
32 Rawson Court
Rawson Street
London SW11 5HJ England
Expires 4/7/46

Hammer's Slammers

Timothy D. Jacques, President
513 Wilshire Dr. #6
Bellevue, NE 68005
Expires 8/31/47


S. John Ross, President
1320 Jeff Davis Highway #2
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

OtherWorld Adventures, Sponsor
1320 Jeff Davis Highway #20
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Expires 7/6/47


Francis Lalumiere, President
2860 de Carignan
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H1N 2Y4
Expires 6/14/47

New Omaha Vehicular Association (NOVA)

Norman McMullen, President
2524 Madison St.
Bellevue, NE
Expires 10/31/46

Northern Occidental Researchers and Duellists (NORAD)

M. Craig Stockwell, President
2000 Benson Rd. S. #115-134
Seattle, WA 98055-4452
Expires 11/17/46


Magnus Karlsson, President
Penningv. 13
S-633 62 Eskilstuna
Expires 7/1/47

Seattle Hierarchy of Autoduelling Fanatical Terrorists (SHAFT)

Lon Staves, President
2009 NW 63rd St.
Seattle, WA 98107
Expires 10/6/46


Jeff Tidball, President
161 E. Butler Ave.
West St. Paul, MN 55118

Source Comics & Games, Sponsor
1601 West Larpenteur Ave.
Fallen Heights, MN 55113
Expires 2/7/47

Surrey Municipal Elite Guard, Motorized Armor (SMEGMA)

Brian Thomas, President
#109 - 12975 106th Ave.
Surrey, BC, Canada V3T 2C1
Expires 6/27/46


Michael P. Owen, President
The Game Place, Sponsor
4518 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
Expires 2/20/47

Vancouver's Idiotic Pyromaniac Exterminators (VIPER)

Cameron Evans, President
3116 138th St.
Surrey, BC, Canada V4A 8N7
Expires 7/27/47


Bill Glenn, Irving, TX

Dean Heitkamp, Cedar Rapids, IA

William Spencer, Felton, CA

Again, if you or your club is not on this list and you think you should be, please contact us immediately.

2046 AADA Tournament Rules

We asked for your input a couple issues ago about the future of the AADA tournaments. Thanks to everyone who sent us their ideas. Here's what we've come up with:

The 2046 AADA World Duelling Championships will be held at Origins '96, July 4-7, 1996 in Columbus, OH. The 2046 AADA World Racing Championships will be held at GenCon '96, August 8-11, 1996 in Milwaukee, WI. The same basic tournament rules apply:

The Details

Both events will have the same basic three-round structure: The first round is open to all entrants who care to sign up. Club Champions receive a bye to the semi-finals. The defending World Champion receives a bye to the finals. To claim a seed, Club Champions must be reported to Steve Jackson Games by June 28, 1996 (for the Duelling Championships) and August 2, 1996 (for the Racing Championships).

Unreported champions will not receive a seed, and must enter the at-large qualifier. Seeded participants who elect to fight in a round earlier that their spot give up their seed and risk elimination from the tournament as if they were an unseeded participant.

In all rounds, a vehicle may have a maximum of two characters - driver and gunner. No passengers are allowed. Characters should be built on 50 points, with a maximum of 30 points in any one skill. Reflex rolls will be set at 4 for all characters. Personal equipment available to crew members shall be limited to one suit of Body Armor, of any legal type, and one Personal Fire Extinguisher (PFE) only. No exceptions. No hand-held weapons or other personal equipment will be allowed.

The first-round events will be Division 15 events using pre-designed vehicles. The semi-final events will be Division 25 events using vehicles of your design.

You must bring a neat, legible worksheet showing all elements of the vehicle design with you. Your design will be checked by a player at another table, and corrections (if any are necessary) will have to be made very quickly. Please make absolutely sure your designs are legal before you come to the event.

The finals will be Division 50 events. As mentioned above, vehicle designs have to be dropped off with the referee or at the SJ Games booth before 10:00 a.m. the day of the final.

The Duelling Championships will emphasize combat - while some combination of checkpoints and/or other goals may be used to score points, kills will be the most important factor.

The Racing Championships, on the other hand, will emphasize speed and driving ability. The following additional rules, based on suggestions by the folks at NOVA , will apply:

Now's the time to be holding those Club Championships! Club Champions will receive a prize from SJ Games, in addition to their seedings at the World Championships. Prizes at the World Championships are yet to be determined, but they're sure to make the carnage worthwhile.

See you this summer!

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