Pyramid #26

First off, let's welcome two new chapters:

DART - Deseret Autoduelling & Racing Team
Jake Gehring, President
934 East 300 South
Provo, UT, 84606

Oxbow Downs Autoduelling Club
Shane W. Petersen, President
3036 College Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
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Welcome aboard!

NOVA Club Championship

Chris French reports:

The CDC was held at NOVA's premiere arena, Aksarben. Participating were Chris French (defending champion from 2045), in a CFI "INS-4PL"; Mike Garrity, in a DKI "Kobold"; and Don Jacques, in an Amex C.A. "Double Buckshot". Norman McMullen refereed.

First fire took place six seconds into the event, when Don and Chris let fly at one another's fronts. Chris' HAVR-armed passenger lightly damaged Don's front; Don's VSGs rattled uselessly off the metal-armored CFI entry. Don's fortunes rapidly degenerated -- Chris pulled off one of his patented high-speed 180-degree turns, dropped into Don's rear arc, and began blazing away. After three shots, Don's back was all but destroyed. Don attempted to jink away from the ravening HAVR -- and blew his control roll, thwapping the central bunker. Chris rapped off another HAVR shot, ventilating Don's rear and damaging his plant, and forced Don to make another control roll. Massive weapon fire plus a collision with a solid object equals massive control loss -- Don went into a grinding roll. Chris rammed Don's underbody, splashing it and Don's unconscious driver. First blood to Chris.

Chris soon had problems of his own -- Mike came storming up behind him, LMGs blazing. The CFI caršs metal armor saved it from taking much damage; in fact, when Mike did succeed in damaging Chris, the debris left behind ended up shredding the DKI vehicle's tires!

Debris wasn't all that was doing damage to Mike's tires -- Chris' first shot accidentally hit Mike's front tire (one of the hazards of trikes is the chance of the "single" tire being hit). Arena referees allowed Mike to shoot at Chris' tires once; as a result, Chris lost his LR tire. Chris took another shot at Mike -- and hit the trike's front tire again, destroying it! Allowed another shot Chris' tires, Mike vaped his RR. Both cars scraped to a halt.

Now immobile, the CFI and DKI crews began blasting away. DKI's LMGs and plastic armor were no match for CFI's HAVR and metal/plastic -- nine seconds later, Mike was blown to bits. Total time: 23 seconds.

Final Positions

  1. Chris French, 2.5 points (2 kills, mobility-killed, survivor).
  2. Mike Garrity, -0.5 points (1 mobility-kill, killed).
  3. Don Jacques, -1.0 points (0 kills, killed).
Subcompact; Extra-heavy chassis; Light suspension; Small PP with PC, SC; 4 HD tires; driver, passenger. Sloped metal/plastic armor: F 5/15, B 5/15, L 5/10, R 5/10, T 0/5, U 0/5. Accel. 5, Top Speed 90; HC 2. $3,181; 2, 760 lbs. Crew's personal equipment: 2 body armor (driver and passenger); HAVR (passenger); 2 HAVR clips (passenger); 4 explosive gren
DKI "Kobold"
Lt. trike; Standard chassis; Heavy suspension; Small cycle PP with PC, SC; 3 HC cycle tires; cyclist. 2xLMG linked (1L, 1R); CA -- 10 pts. (driver). Sloped armor: F 25, B 20, L 15, R 15, T 6, U 5. Accel. 5; Top speed 100; HC 2. $4,915; 1,380 lbs.
Amex Combat Autoworks "Double Buckshot"
Subcompact; Heavy chassis; Improved suspension; Small PP; 4 HD tires; driver; 2xVSG linked front. Armor: F 20, B 18, L 17, R 17, T 2, U 4. Accel. 5, Top speed 90, HC 3. $4,991; 2,400 lbs.

Vehicle Assessments:

An unusual design. Subcompacts are tight on space, so sloping is not usually seen; however, this vehicle has it. For the same reason, subs typically have one crewmember; this vehicles has two. Metal armor is uncommon as well, due to its weight; this vehicles has enough to slow down 1- or 2-die volleys. somehow, these odd elements become a car with excellent armor protection, a dangerous 360-degree weapon, and "winner" written all over it.
This vehicle's strong suit is its low profile (-3 to-hit modifier); its weapons are marginally effective, and the streamlining is wasted in arenas. Also, as was shown, the front tire wants for a wheelguard. Good, but not good enough.
Double Buckshot
Weak armor, weaker armament, and no use of advanced technology; this vehicle belongs in a museum, not an arena. The VSGs can be (and were!) stopped by the weakest metal armor. The armor would barely stand up against a sustained attack. This vehicle might have had a chance five years ago; now it's cannon-fodder.

Champaign Club Championship

Car Wars Line Editor Grady Elliott sends us this report:

C-U DeAD held its AADA club championship match on Saturday, March 15th. Members in attendance were:

The event was a Div. 25 survival match; last man standing/driving took the championship.

Pat Grady drove a mid-size armed with twin RR's and powered by a turbocharged 200cid plant, with SB solid tires, hubs F, guards B, HD shocks, improved fire exts., hi-res SWC, 10 pts. of driver component armor, and a spoiler/airdam combo, armored with 208 pts of plastic armor.

Geoff DeWan also had a mid-size with twin RR's and corner mounted spikedroppers; the resemblance ended there. Geoff had a 150cid plant w/VP turbo- and supercharging, SB solid tires, hubs F, guards B, and a spoiler/airdam combo, armored with a thin layer of metal over plastic armor.

Jim Windsor drove a luxury with an ATG firing sabot ammo fwd, with a spikedropper and paint gas streamer in back. Powered by a turbo 150cid, the car also featured SB solid tires in front with armored hubs, and PR Slicks in back with hubs and guards. (!!!) A high-res SWC, improved fire exts, and a spoiler/airdam combo, armored with 195 pts of sloped armor and lots of component armor.

Grady Elliott drove a mid-size with twin turreted HMG's (std ammo) powered by a turbo 150cid plant, and SB solid tires, hubs F, guards B, component armor (plant/tank/driver), improved fire exts, hi-res SWC, 2x PD, 2x SkD, spoiler/airdam combo, and 195 pts of sloped armor.

In the opening turns of the match, Pat and Geoff closed in on Jim. Being terrified of Jim's car design, Grady dodged behind a wall in another part of the arena. An exchange of shots ended with Jim being rammed in the left side by both Pat and Geoff (in that order). At this point Grady deemed it safe to come out of hiding and began wearing down the (already weakened) front armor of anybody who would try to close with him. In a fruitless attempt to engage Grady at 80+ mph, Pat skidded into a wall head-on at 40 mph, losing both front weapons. He surrendered. Geoff also had difficulty engaging Grady's vehicle, and also skidded into a wall, at 80 mph. Ouch. His car smashed and driver unconscious, Geoff allowed Grady to claim the championship.

Note: the C-U DeAD 3-D triple-scale arena was the venue for this duel. Soon we hope to have some photos to send you!

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