Pyramid #28

2047 Duelling World Championship
by Norman McMullen

Attendance at the Duelling Worlds #6 was excellent. 28 players showed up for the preliminary round. Four arenas were used: the Double Drum (2), New Boston and the Car Wars Classic Arena. The players were given their car, the Firestarter (designed by Chris French) or one of its variants, and were placed in the arenas. The rule of no tire shots was in effect and the fighting commenced. Mines and explosive spikes were considered to have a one inch burst radius from the center of the counter. Oil/ice combinations only have a D2 hazard.

Mid-size, x-hvy. chassis, hvy. suspension, large power plant, 4 PR tires, driver, 2 VMGs w/incendiary ammo linked front, MD w/napalm loads rear linked to VMGs. FP armor: F50, L50, R50, B50, T5, U20. Accel. 5, top speed 92.5, HC 3; 5,750 lbs., $19,400.
Variant A:
Replace one VMG with FCE rear linked to MD. Armor is now F60, L60, R60, B60, T8, U20. 5,744 lbs., $18,826.
Variant B:
Replace VMGs with 4 linked MGs front w/incendiary ammo, MD to 2 linked JDs linked to MGs, and add five points of armor. $19,530.
Variant C:
Remove one VMG. Add streamlining, FP spoiler and airdam, 36 points of FP armor. Top speed is now 100 mph; 5,748 lbs., $19,352.

Body armor and personal fire extinguishers were purchased with any remaining money.

The two Double Drum arenas were both hotly contested. Rams were common along with the extensive use of mines in the choke points and tunnels. One duellist managed to vault his car out of the arena and two others exploded. Jim Beecher, Grady Elliott, Mike Garrity (NOVA), and Phillip Swim all advanced to the final round.

In the New Boston Arena things got ugly fast as mines were dropped at the intersections. For the second time Jason Walter's car blew up from Jacob Abram's mines. Better luck next year Jason. A few other duellists also fell prey to mines and literally ground to a halt. One ran into the central TV bunker. It finally came down to Jacob Abrams and Garth Anderson. They rammed, with Garth pushing Jacob into a wall, destroying Jacob's last VMG and damaging the power plant. Jacob willingly surrendered. Garth Anderson and Darrin Marquez advanced.

In the Classic Car Wars Arena the duel was drawn out due to the mostly-open arena. After typical carnage Tim Jacques and Tony Kowalchak advanced to the finals.

The final round was held in the Aksarben Arena (New Omaha, Nebraska). The gates were chosen and two of the duellists, Phillip Swim and Tony Kowalchak, started on opposite sides of the TV tower. Starting speed was a minimum of 30 plus whatever acceleration the players chose to use. The vehicles were Division 50 cars.


Kill represents a surrender or death of a vehicle's crew 5 Points
Firepower Kill destroying all offensive, direct-fire weapons on a vehicle 2.5 points
Maneuverability Kill destroying the power planet or otherwise rendering a vehicle immobile 2.5 points
Being Killed -5 Points.
Checkpoint scored once per player 1 point
Target scored once per player 1 point
Survivor/Tie Breaker 5 Points

Players have a -3 penalty to hit the targets in addition to the regular targeting penalties. Targets already include the stationary bonus.

Tim started dropping spikes and fired his two lasers at Phillip, doing good damage to the front. Phillip's returned fire with a turreted medium laser and laser-guided front-mounted rocket launcher. Tim suffered some damage in return. Garth and Mike headed for the nearest checkpoints and rounded the obstacles. Jim turned left for a checkpoint and Darrin also went after one. Tony advanced for the overpass, dropping mines and grenades on the way. Grady headed for the center of the arena.

Everybody continued to accelerate except for Tony, who was slowing down as he went up the overpass. Mike, Garth, Darrin, and Jim scored a checkpoint each. Phillip and Tim broke off their combat with Tim heading for Mike. Mike got hit by Tim's lasers and sustained notable damage. Phillip skirted Tim's spikes near the gate only to be fired upon by Jim's ATGs, doing heavy damage. Garth left a flame cloud next to a checkpoint then turned to circle an obstacle. Grady reached the center area.

Tony reached the top of the overpass and stopped. He took a potshot at Grady with his medium laser and missed. Phillip and Jim successfully negotiated through Tim's spikes. Garth came through the canyon between the overpass and the obstacle. Darrin went after the NE corner checkpoint while Mike went after the one in the SW corner. Mike left three flaming oil shots next to the checkpoint to deter pursuit.

Meanwhile Tony scored a hit on Garth's top armor, doing just enough damage to remove it. Jim, Mike, and Garth then scored their second checkpoint each. Garth left a flamecloud next to an obstacle. Tim turned and in an excellent shot destroyed Tony's turret. Grady fired on Tim, doing good damage with his HVMG. Darrin scored his second checkpoint. Garth then detonated the three TDX mines hidden in the flame cloud. The blast destroyed three of Darrin's tires. He kept in control but slid to a halt. Along the way he sideswiped a wall and he left a few flame clouds next to it. He left his FCE on automatic. Garth got a half-kill for disabling Darrin's car.

Phillip scored his first checkpoint in the SW corner and left several spikes. Tony fired his first wire-guided missile at Jim's right side. He missed and it hit an obstacle wall instead. Mike and Garth scored their third checkpoint. Mike fired his HVMGs at Tony's side, doing critical damage. Tony fired a grenade near the east center checkpoint. The FOJ grenade was avoided by everyone.

Tim went over and scored the far center checkpoint. He fired and hit Darrin with his lasers. Darrin returned fire with his BC, doing average damage. Jim turned to the NW corner to score that checkpoint. Grady turned to follow Tim around the overpass.

Tim whizzed by Darrin to score his second checkpoint and left spikes near the corner. Grady fired his HVMG at Darrin's front, damaging it. Grady was hit by a BC shell in return. As Grady closed in Darrin's gunner fired his concealed BC, doing damage to Grady's right side. Phillip scored his second checkpoint in the SE corner. Garth hit one of Tim's spikes, receiving minor tire damage. Garth then scored his first target hit.

Jim rounded an obstacle and headed for the targets on the TV tower. Mike hit Tony's side again, destroying the power plant in the process. Tim did some radical turns to get to a checkpoint. He found that Phillip blocked his escape with three flame clouds and a spike load. Tim, suffering poor handling and no other place to turn, rammed Phillip. The head-on combined speed of 170 mph confettied both vehicles. Obstacles and debris was applied. The northern end of the arena was a mess.

Grady ducked into the NW obstacle's tunnel. As he exited he was hit by Tony's last wire-guided missile, doing minor damage to the front. Tony then surrendered to Mike, making him the first full kill of the arena and Mike the early point leader. Jim scored his first target and turned. Phillip and Darrin did average damage to each other.

At this point things heated up. Jim slipped past Darrin, going next to a wall and through some smoke left from some flame clouds only to hit a fresh flame cloud left by Grady. Jim went into a spin, slapped the wall and fishtailed off it. He tried to make it around an obstacle only to spin again and hit a wall. He lost all of his tires and came to a screeching halt. Garth meanwhile scored another target. Mike went through the canyon and scored his fourth checkpoint.

Due to Darrin's weapon layout he was able to engage Jim and Grady. The return fire demolished his front and right-side armor, injuring the gunner. Darrin's driver abandoned the vehicle and pulled his gunner to the safety of Gate 3. Garth headed around the jump to the SW corner and scored his fourth checkpoint. Mike circled an obstacle and then headed towards the TV tower to score it's targets. Grady circled back to the NE to get Mike. To everyone's surprise Jim's car started moving again after being scored as a kill by Grady. Jim's active suspension allowed him to get rolling again on his rims. (Note: in future Worlds this will not be allowed simply due to the fact that the car would have no traction and would be bottomed out anyway).

Garth scored his fifth checkpoint in the western part of the arena and headed for the NW checkpoint. Mike headed toward the TV tower targets and shot one. Grady went to the SW corner. Garth scored his sixth and final checkpoint, closing within one point of Mike. Mike scored another target and laid some flaming oil to stop Grady from chasing him. Grady avoided the oil and Jim accelerated towards the action around the TV tower.

Grady loops around the southern obstacles around the jump, quickly doubling back into the fray. Mike turned to the SW and scored his third target. Jim barely t-boned Mike on his right side, doing heavy damage to both cars. Incredibly, Jim missed with both of his ATGs. The t-bone destroyed both of Jim's ATGs and damaged his engine. Garth fired a flame cloud to get Mike off his tail. Mike turns toward the west wall and continues to lay down flaming oil. Jim went through that oil and sustains light damage. Grady drove through the oil and Garth's flame cloud. That was when Garth remotely detonated his TDX mines, wiping out Grady's tires and became a maneuverability kill.

The game lasted four and a half hours and comprised of 21 turns. After points were totaled Garth came in first place.

Finishing Positions

Special Awards


(Garth Anderson): Luxury w/CA frame, x-hvy. chassis, 150 ci gas engine w/tubular headers, blueprinting, and VP turbocharger, 4 gallon duelling gas tank, hvy. suspension, 4 FP solid tires, driver w/10 points of FP component armor and regular body armor, 3 linked SMDs w/tdx loads (radio-detonated only) under, BC w/HESH ammo front, extra BC magazine w/7 regular rounds, 6 FcDs (2 R, 2 L, 1 U, 1 B), spoiler, airdam, 10 points component armor for engine, SWC, blow-through concealment for SMDs, HD brakes, overdrive, 8 links, 2 fake dischargers, fake ramplate. LR metal/FP plastic armor: F2/42, L1/34, R24/26, B1/34, T0/12, U0/12. Accel. 10/5 w/overdrive, top speed 70/90 w/overdrive, base mpg: 45, HC 3/4 @60+; 6,594 lbs., $47,955.
(Mike Garrity): Luxury w/CA frame, x-hvy. chassis, hvy. suspension, 150 ci gas engine w/tubular headers and VP turbocharger, 5 gallon racing gas tank, 4 solid tires, driver, 2 linked HVMGs w/HD ammo front, FOJ rear, SWC, HD shocks, overdrive, 10 points FP component armor for driver, 10 points FP component armor for engine, 10 points FP component armor for gas tank. Sloped armor: F90, L55, R55, B50, T5, U5. Accel. 10/5 w/overdrive, top speed 70/90 w/overdrive, base mpg: 45, HC 3; 6,600 lbs., $49,990.
(Grady Elliott): Luxury w/CA frame, x-hvy. chassis, hvy. suspension, 150 ci gas engine w/blueprinting, supercharger, VP turbocharger, 4 gallon duelling gas tank, 4 SB solid tires, driver, HVMG w/HD ammo front linked to FCE rear, improved fire extinguisher, HRSWC, spoiler, airdam, HD shocks, overdrive, 3 hot-smoke dischargers, 3 laser-reactive webs, 3 links, fake ramplate, no-paint windows. 44 points of sloped LR metal armor, 52 points of sloped plastic armor. Accel. 10/5 w/overdrive, top speed 82.5/102.5 w/overdrive, base mpg: 45, HC 3/4 @60+; 6,599 lbs., $49,046.
A-Wing 2047
(Tim Jacques): Sedan w/CA frame, x-hvy. chassis, hvy. suspension, sport power plant w/PCs, 4 FP solid snow tires, driver, 2 linked lasers front, SD w/incendiary ammo left-rear corner, HD shocks, spoiler, airdam, 2 sand dischargers under, 2 FoJ dischargers left, links - lasers to SD, lasers to each pair of dischargers, 2 bumper triggers, anti-lock brakes, SWC, overdrive, streamlining. Sloped armor: F70, L70, R70, B60, T5, U5. Accel. 10/5 w/overdrive, top speed 135/155 w/overdrive, HC 3/4 @60+; 6,119 lbs., $49,902.
Black Buticus
(Phillip Swim): Mid-size w/CA frame, x-hvy. chassis, hvy. suspension, 200 ci gas engine w/VP turbocharger, 1 gallon duelling gas tank, 4 FP PR radial tires, driver w/IBA, RL w/incendiary ammo front and extra magazine, IR medium laser in turret, laser battery, LGL for RL rounds, SD w/explosive ammo rear, SWC - laser, no-paint windows, 3 FcDs (1 L, 1 R, 1 B). 52 points LR metal armor, 101 points FP plastic armor. Accel. 15, top speed 85, base mpg: 35, HC 4; 5,578 lbs., $48,335.
Boom Boom
(Jim Beecher): Luxury w/CA frame, x-hvy. chassis, hvy. suspension, 200 ci gas engine w/supercharger and VP turbocharger, 5 gallon duelling gas tank, 4 radial solid tires, driver w/body armor and flak jacket, 2 linked ATGs front w/APFSDS ammo, HD brakes, anti-lock brakes, HRSWC, HD shocks, bumper trigger front, improved fire extinguisher, active suspension. Sloped metal/plastic armor: F1/105, L1/47, R1/47, B1/37, T1/5, U1/10. Accel. 20, top speed 90, base mpg: 35, HC 4/5 @60+; 6,596 lbs., $49,140.
Mob Buster
(Darrin Marquez): Luxury, x-hvy. chassis, hvy. suspension, 200 ci gas engine w/blueprinting and VP turbocharger, 5 gallon duelling gas tank, 4 FP solid tires, driver w/ body armor, gunner, BC w/HESH ammo and extra magazine front, BC w/HESH ammo and blow-through concealment right, FCE rear, HRSWC - gunner to front BC, SWC - driver to right BC, HD brakes, HD shocks, spoiler, airdam. FP armor: F51 (ramplate), L40, R39, B39, T6, U7. Accel. 10, top speed 80, base mpg: 35, HC 3/4 @60+; 6,590 lbs., $49,930.
Tony's Car
(Tony Kowalchak): Van, x-hvy. chassis, hvy. suspension, super power plant, 6 radial PR tires, driver w/body armor, gunner w/body armor, 2 WGMs linked front, turreted laser, MD left linked to MD right (all mines radio detonated). Grenade launcher rear w/5 thermite grenades, 3 flaming oil grenades, 1 white phosphorus, and 1 paint grenade. FP/RP armor: F17, L50, R17, B17, T12, U3, 6 10-point wheelguards. Accel. 5, top speed 95, HC 2; 7,194 lbs., $47,540.

Pyramid contained photographs with the following captions:

1 -- The best of the best from the AADA 2047 World Championships at GenCon. From left: World Champion Garth Anderson, Mike Garrity (2nd place) and Grady Elliott (3rd place).

2 -- World Champion Garth Anderson plots his move.

3 -- Tim Jacques checks the range to his next victim.

4 -- The AADA 2047 World Championship finals were a tense time for players and referees alike.

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