Reports from the AADA and Car Wars Events in 2050
Updated March 12, 2000

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Feb. 17-19 AADA 2050 U.S. Northwest Regional Dueling Championship RadCon 3 is over And the winners are...
"Machine Gun" Kelly Cariker and Paul "Spapmaster" Theis tied for fourth, Lara "Nutbuster" Hill got second, and Philip "Fool" White of WADA kicked some serious behind and walked away with the Northwest Regional Championship!

Visit the DRAW's web site for more info.
The full report will be posted here once it is completed
Feb. 18-21 DRACAR races at OrcCon Randy Shew took home the Gibson Cup 500 in a last second spin out at OrcCon 2000 and will be the man to beat, "The Gibson," in the 2050 DRACAR season. The race was marked by the appearance of Godzilla in the middle of the race in Tokyo. Chris Vanover's secondary car (the #24 DuPont) had struck the race leader (the #3 Goodwrench) for a 245mph opposite-direction sideswipe in the last turn of the race. The race was called in that turn with the #3 Goodwrench starting into a spin but retaining his lead status. The #24 was destroyed in the sideswipe and the resulting points loss cost Vanover the Gibson Series Championship by a mere 2 points! Pictures and a race summary are available on the DRACAR site.
Visit the DRACAR's web site for more info.
Feb. 18-21 Various Car Wars Events hosted by Eric Freeman at OrcCon The OrcCon convention was a blast and featured two dueling events. Both events were held in the newly designed Towers arena.  An arena specifically built to hold up to 12 duelists.

The Saturday night Division 20 match featured the following participants and designs

Rob Hagmaier in a compact with ATG w/Sabot rounds
Stan Wells' car featured a RR front a HDFOJ rear
Chuck Phillips with a HMG in a turret smartlinked to a HMG front
Bryan Farina in a ram car with an ice gun to the front.  To protect himself from his own ice he sported Snow Tires and a front mounted sand discharger!
John Berry with a VMG in a turret and FOJ back
Dean Gibson with a luxury and linked VFRPs
Jeremey Willis with a Blast Cannon front
Peter Cassaboom featured a pair of Rocket Launchers.  One front-mounted smartlinked to a RL in the turret.
Christian Vanover with a concealed front mounted Blast Cannon
Emilio Segura with turret HMGs and a explosive SD
Micheal Rosenberg in a Ram car with VMG in the turret and FOJ back

Jeremy and Dean began the duel mixing it up early with Dean having most of his VFRP rockets ping off of Jeremy's metal armor. 

Both of them ended up having control problems and ended up going very slow near one of the pillars.  Bryan picked up the kill on Jeremy by driving right through him.  Having used up virtually all his rounds to little avail, Dean was easy pickins' for the ATG w/Sabot wielded by Rob.

After his collision Bryan was left in the mess by the pillar with Dean and Jeremy and was later rammed by Peter who forgot Bryan had a ram car.  The collision was at low speeds, so both survived.  However the collision kept Bryan's ram car going slow and Stan swooped in to use his HDFOJ to take out the nearly immoble Bryan.

John Berry and Micheal exchanged VMG fire back and forth early.  Micheal then mixed it up with Stan and in the process flipped his car onto the side giving Stan a mobility kill.  Near the end of the duel, Chuck came by and blew through the top of Micheal to pick up the full kill points.

Rob H. and Christian both bore down on the weakened and virtually stationary Stan (who was still at "The Pillar of Death").

John Berry used his turreted VMG to knock off Christian's tires to give him a mobility kill.

Meanwhile Rob used an out of arc shot through Stan's right side to give him the finishing blow.  That gave Rob the 2nd kill he was looking for. He just needed to survive for 5 more turns to finish the duel in first.

Emilio engaged Rob and tried to finish him off before the 5 turns was up to continue the duel.  He was able to connect a few times, but the well armored Rob shrugged off the blows.  The biggest danger being whether he could stay in control or not.  Rob was able to hang tight on the steering wheel and hang onto the victory.

1st  Rob Hagmaier (+40 points)
2nd (tie) Stan Wells, Chuck Phillips, John Berry  (+10 points)
5th (tie) Bryan Farina, Emilio Segura, Peter Cassaboom (0 points)
8th Christian Vanover (-10 points)
9th (tie) Jeremy Willis, Micheal Rosenberg, Dean Gibson (-20 points)

The Sunday duel was a Division 30 brawl.  We had 8 returnees from the previous night plus two new players.  The duel featured the following participants and designs:

Rob Hagmaier pulled in a luxury Grand Slam lite with heavy rocket salvos to the front and a Flame Cloud Gas Streamer.
Chuck Phillips came in with pickup armed with two blast cannons and a fake ram plate.
Dean Gibson was armed with two lasers in a side mount and a Flame Cloud Gas Streamer.  He also had a nice surprise of two concealed incendiary HRs.
Peter Casaboom was armed with a twin laser in a turret
Vince (last name unknown) came in with a referee supplied design that had a Blast Cannon front and FOJ back (w/mostly HT ammo)
Sid "Vicious" Nguyen was a rookie driver, so the ref supplied him with a design he'd been saving for himself.  The design was basically a modified Navigator from Mike Montgomery's World Championship design.  It featured 3 laser guided rocket launchers with incendiary ammo and a rear paint spray.
Micheal Rosenberg came in with a ref designed sedan that featured a ram plate and side mounted laser.
Jeremy Willis mounted a Blast Cannon front AND an ATG w/Sabot rear
Stan Wells had his now-infamous HDFOJ with twin RRs front
Emilio Segura came in with a Two Recoiless Rifles.  One front smartlinked to a turret.

The action started early right out of the gate.  Peter used his turreted Twin Laser to clean a tire off of Rob H at 60 mph.  Rob responded by blasting Peter clean through with 6 laser-guided AP Heavy rockets for a quick, full kill.  It took Rob several turns to get his vehicle slowed down, and his only remaining weapons consisted of a very well armored and bumper-spiked front (useless with the pitiful HC) and a FCGS with an extra mag to the rear.

On the other side of the arena Vince and Jeremy traded fire from there massive guns.  In the process of trading blows Jeremy managed to spin his car out at only 30 mph.

Micheal came out of the gate firing and used his arc advantage to pepper the side of Sid with a couple laser blasts.

Sid used one of the pillars for brief cover, and very quickly both Micheal and Sid were upon Jeremy.  After only getting hit early in the game, Sid finally got a chance to do some damage, and unleashed his RLs on Jeremy. Unfortunately for Sid, Jeremy was fireproofed.  However with a couple full salvos he was able to penetrate a side that had been weakened by Vince. One of the salvos hit the Power Plant and set Jeremy on fire.  With no FE, Jeremy was going to be goner.  He survived two turns before his vehicle exploded.

After killing Jeremy, the still tailing Micheal was able to shear off one of Sid's tires.  Micheal kept up his pursuit past the exploded Jeremy.  In the process he got painted by Sid's PS on auto.  Micheal used his ram plate to slightly bump Sid.

After trading fire with Vince, Emilio's car spun out.  Stan turned to get a bead on the helpless Emilio and put his car into a spinout in the process.  After regaining control, the two "spin" drivers met each other in a head on collision.  They traded fire with Stan emerging as the victor by blowing throught the front of Emilio.

Dean, Rob and Chuck converged to one side of the arena.  Dean unleashed his concealed incendiary HRs on Chuck.  Both hit and put on a substantial burn modifier on Chuck.  Dean rolled what he needed to put Chuck on fire and Chuck's car exploded at the end of the turn.

Then Dean focused on Rob with the blood lust of a hyena sensing injured prey.  Rob managed to put a 6 FM on Dean (which he deftly removed with a blast from his PFE) and do some internal damage with 2 shots from the FCGS, but his vehicle was repeatedly hammered by Dean's lasers, which reduced his engine to a molten slag heap.  Although he did have an operational weapon (2 shots remaining on the FCGS), he was ruled a full kill as the rear of his vehicle was facing a wall.  His driver sat out the rest of the duel in his darkened vehicle, smoking cigarettes and making occasional witty commentary.

After that the 5 second clock started ticking....

Vince pushed his car to get to Dean before time expired.  He was able to get a couple shots off on Dean.  One of which penetrated the interior and killed off the gunner.  Dean fired his FCGS to discourage the pursuit.  In avoiding the FC, Vince pushed his car too far and spun out into the mess formerly known as Chuck's vehicle.  He was unable to mount a worthy attack after that.

As time expired, Michael had circled Sid and zoomed in for a head on ram at 80 mph.  The hefty front armor of both vehicles left both alive after the blow.

And Dean was able to survive for his first dueling win in recent memory...


1st  Dean Gibson (+40 points) (full kills on Rob H. and Chuck P.)
2nd (tie) Sid Nguyen (full kill of Jeremy), Stan Wells (full kill of
Emilio) +20 points
4th (tie) Vince (no last name), Micheal Rosenberg, Rob Hagmaier (full kill
on Peter, full killed)  +0 points
7th (tie) Peter Cassaboom, Chuck Phillips, Emilio Segura, Jeremy Willis
(-20 points)

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