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Peter vanBuskirk – Character Description

Colonel of Marines (ret.)

Valerian male; age 50; 6'11"; 423 lbs.; grizzled blond hair, blue eyes.

ST 54 IQ 10 DX 20 HT 20
Speed: 11.00 Move: 28 Dodge: 11


Ally (Kimball); Combat Reflexes; Danger Sense; High Pain Threshold; Luck; Rank-5 (Colonel of Marines); No Bad Temper; Rapid Healing; Strong Will-2; Reputation-4 (all Civilization all the time); Status-3 (GP senior officer); Valerian.


Code of Honor (Space Marine); Extremely Hazardous Duty (Space Marines); Fanaticism (Space Marines); Honesty; Impulsiveness; Innumerate; OPH (Bellicose – not bad tempered, just loves to fight); Overconfidence.


Believes Noshabkeming the Radiant brings spacemen luck, swears by him and keeps a small image nearby; constantly tells bad Eich jokes; grows flowers, especially bulbs; maintains his Dutch-Valerian accent; smokes odorous cigars.


Acrobatics-18, Administration-10, Agronomy-8, Armoury-12, Battlesuit-15, Beam Weapons (DeLameter)-22, Carousing-18, Demolition-10, Detect Lies-12, Engineer (Electronics)-10, Fast-Draw (DeLameter)-19, First Aid-12, Free Fall-18, Genetics-6, Gunner (semiportable)-23, Inertialess Agility-20, Intimidation-49, Judo-22, Jumping-20, Karate-24, Knife-20, Language (Galactic English)-10, Language (Galactic Spanish)-8, Language (Spaceal)-13, Language (Valerian Dutch)-14, Leadership-15, Mechanic (GP armor)-12, Mind Block-12, Running-17, Space-Axe-27, Speed-Load (DeLameter)-19, Stealth-18, Strategy (small unit)-15, Tactics (small unit)-17, Teaching-8, Throwing-17, Thrown Weapon (grenade)-19 and Vacc Suit-20.

Space Marine Hand-to-Hand Combat Maneuvers

Aggressive Parry-16, Arm Lock-22, Close Combat (Axe)-24, Eye-Gouging-19, Head Butt-24, Head Lock-22, Hit Location (Axe)-27, Neck Snap-57.


Peter vanBuskirk is the exemplar of the Space Marines' goal that no bifurcate race will ever willingly face the Marines in combat.

He enlisted in Valeria's Cadet Corps to become an officer of the Galactic Patrol, but washed out because of his inability to handle higher mathematics. He returned to the enlisted ranks of the Space Marines, and as a sergeant, met Lieutenant Kinnison. He later earned a field commission and eventually took command of an all-Valerian Marine battalion. After reaching the rank of major, he retired, receiving a final promotion to colonel.

Peter has retired to his family's estate on Valeria where he indulges his love of horticulture, cultivating high-gravity tulips.


"You poor, spindly little Tellurian wart, it's for the good of the Patrol. Comb that out of your whiskers, half-portion!"

"Let me and the boys put on our screens and bash their ugly damn skulls in for 'em – how about it, huh?"

"Hey, I like Eich. They taste like chicken. You know how many Eich it takes to change a transtator tube?

"Three. One to change it, one to shoot him and take the credit for changing it, and a third to sneer, 'your report is neither conclusive nor complete,' and take the credit for shooting the first one. Haw haw haw!"

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