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Sarah Hart

TL11 Old Money

Total: 25 points

About five-foot-four. Red hair, brown eyes, zaftig. She's in her 50s.


(-15) ST 8
(0) DX 10
(20) IQ 12
(0) HT 10
Thrust 1d-3, Swing 1d-2, Speed 5, Move 5.

Advantages (35 points):

Status +1, Very Wealthy, Attractive.

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Absent-mindedness, Combat Paralysis, Compulsive Generosity (-5 points), Overweight.

Quirks (-5 points):

Pays annoying people with her Only Bank Of Kintara credcard; [4 undetermined]


Administration-13 (4), Area Knowledge (New Garavar)-12 (1), Computer Operation/TL11-12 (1), Cooking-13 (2), Dancing-10 (2), Diplomacy-13 (6), Fencing-10 (2), Guns (pistol)/TL11-12 (1), Piloting (Aircar)/TL11-11 (4), Poetry-12 (2), Savoir-Faire-14, Swimming-11 (2), Xenology-10 (1).


New Garavaran-12, Thral (M/A, common alien race)-12 (2)


Fantasy through Near Future

Idle rich are idle rich. She's not entirely rolling in wealth, but she's not doing badly and she's able to keep up appearances. Mrs. Hart might do better, but she keeps giving away money to those who need it more . . .

On the coloney world of New Garavar, Mrs. Hart counts as Old Money even though she's not in the Filthy Rich or Multimillionaire catagories - her family can trace its wealth back over a century (and Very Wealthy is a lot of money on a generation ship!), and that's good enough for most New Garavarans.

Like most New Garavarans of "means," Mrs. Hart has the skills to manage her investments (or at least watch over those who do), move freely in Society, and a lot of hobby-type skills - but she's not the adventuring type. Unfortunately, her contentment with her life isn't genetic . . . Sarah has a daughter who would be a trial to anyone, and who just recently started getting income from Grandmother Hart's trust-fund, Susan "Andromeda" Harte.

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