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(as seen on TV!)

A Super-team gathered by Japanese businessmen to fight crime and right wrongs on Japanese TV. Naturally, they did a bit of REAL super-heroing for PR reasons, but with the death of Yin, the series was cancelled and the team has scattered, gathering in California to bask in their newfound popularity in the States. They now do voices for an animated series in California and have editorial rights on the manga that is still selling in Japan. They are a bizarre team, sort of the 'pre-fab four' of superteams, gathered together for the convenience of their powers (the 5 Japanese elements and Yin and Yang are represented by the Seven). Yang is the only member remaining in Japan, with each of the others having good reason to leave Japan, whether from being unwelcome there or simply uncomfortable in the role of performer.

Mark "the Samurai" Washington/Steel Wind, TV Star/Super (100+400 points)
Yamashita Yoshihiro/Laughing Madman, TV Star/Super (500 points)
Zhan Chang/Cloud-Vaulter, TV Star/Super (500 points)
Shima Sumiko/Dragon's Daughter, TV Star/Super (100+400 points)
Torii Tamoko/Bokken, TV Star/Super (500 points)
Yin (incomplete; deceased)
Yang (incomplete?)

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(female ninja, cold/darkness powers) sister

Insubstantiality, Invisibility, Teleportation, Create Darkness, Frost Jet (Fatigue Only), Animate Shadows

It was the untimely death of this young woman (on a secret mission for Shima Matsuo) that led to the executive decision to cancel the show. The twins, Yin & Yang, were successful enough that they scheduled to spin-off into their own program, with only occasional cross-overs. Only 4 episodes were completed before her death & they were never aired, instead being available only to serious collectors for fantastic sums . . .


(male samurai, fire/light powers) brother
Total: 500 points

Attributes (270 CP):

ST: 20 (110), DX: 17 (100), IQ: 13 (30), HT: 13 (30)

Advantages (193 CP):

Combat Reflexes (15), High Pain Threshold (10), Attractive (5), Status 1 (5), Charisma +3 (15), Acute Vision +5 (10) (60 CP) Flash Power 1 (Instant +20%, Doesn't Harm User +20%, NE: Centered on Self Only - 20%, Link +20%) (7), Flame Jet Power 10 (Instant +20%, Link +20%, Explosive Effect +40%, NE: Centered on Self Only -20%, Doesn't Harm User +20%) (108), DR: 15 (45), Flight (NE: Limited to Normal Move -30%) (28), Polarized Eyes (5)


Assorted Disads (-100 CP)

Quirks (-5 CP)


Skills (48 CP):

Other Skills (66 CP), Karate 8-18, Judo 1-15, Bow 8-18, Parry Missile Weapons 2-16, Flight 1-16, Katana 24-21, Wakizashi 1-16, Riding: Horse 1-16, FD: Sword (+1) 1-18, Jumping 1/2-16, FD: Arrow (+1) 1/2-17


Flash 8-13, Flame Jet 8-16 (16 CP)

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