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Last updated September 27, 2011

GURPS has been translated in several other languages:


Our first translation – by Devir Livraria in Brazil. GURPS is a leading player in the Brazilian market – most conventions have far more GURPing than games of you-know-what . . . They have released translations of the Third Edition and a number of worldbooks and sourcebooks. They are working on the Fourth Edition.


The Japanese edition of the Third Edition Basic Set, by Kadokawa Shoten Publishing, ran second only to the U.S. edition in sales! Kadokawa has produced many supplements, including some original game-worlds. Runal Saga is a popular fantasy background. Damned Stalkers is a modern horror background, and Ring Dream is about modern female wrestling! A translation of the Fourth Edition is in process.


Dayspring Games translated the Third Edition, and was the first overseas publisher to release a translation of the Fourth Edition Basic Set. Other worldbooks are on the way.


Two different publishers released French versions of Third Edition books, but none are in print now. A Discworld Sourcebook and RPG translation is forthcoming.


There was an Italian version of the Third Edition, but it is out of print.


There was a German version of the Third Edition, but it is out of print. A contract to translate the Fourth Edition is being discussed.


There was a Spanish version of the Third Edition, but it is out of print.


The Basic Set was once available (for free) in Braille, but the person who was doing that is no longer in contact with us. We would welcome any resumption of that effort and would not charge any licensing fees, provided the Braille version was distributed free or at cost. Contact

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