Praise "Bob"!

We have no NEED of Normality. The true SubGenius wants no Normal government. Like "Bob" himself, the SubGenius has the Xists as his mentor, guide and BUDDY! I TELL YOU, the true SubGenius KNOWS that bosses has no power over him, and thus he can't GO crazy because he IS crazy! Praise "Bob," he will survive the worst that the near-omnipotent Yacatisma can do! We are holy! Blandoids are genetically incapable of understanding that the rescue of the SubGenii by WOTAN, with your CHOICE of sacredly-abnormal partners, or ALONE if you prefer, (even if it remains your Personal Savior for only HOURS) always COMES to those who have found true SLACK! And where do YOU stand with "Bob"? The mad NHGH (say HELP US, "BOB"!) KILLS and worse than kills, it is pure AntiSlack! Don't feel GUILTY! Guilt is for PINKS!

Does this make NO SENSE to you?

Is this your first exposure to the Word of "Bob"?

Maybe you need to learn MORE. It depends on how you react to these electronically generated yet DIVINELY AUTHENTIC spews of TRUTH. Did you find them meaningless and annoying, or strangely compelling?

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