INWO SubGenius Press Release #19

(scene: a shadowed room. Subject: one of the inwo gods sits shrouded by the shadows to give his impression of INWO-SubGenius.)

"So I got my playtest cards, and everything was going alright. I was looking through them and reading them and having a good time, and then I realized it was wrong! Wrong!!! It was all inherently bogus!"

(scene shifts to the god's left hand, where it is seen that he is holding a card called 'Inherently Bogus'.)

Film at 11.

Hail "Bob"!

100 Card Set. * Suggested Retail Price $16.95
Stock number 1616 * ISBN 1-55634-338-8
Out Of PrintClick here for dealer info

Yes, it's true. The latest INWO expansion is based on the Church of the SubGenius.

This is a hundred-card non-collectible set. The cards feature art provided by the Church itself, and use the same color scheme as the Factory Set. (That's two of them on the left of the screen.) You will like it.

The set of 100 cards is usable by itself, and includes rules for a 4-player common-deck game, using four Church of the SubGenius cards (with different art, of course). Each represents a different faction of the Church, fighting for control, Slack, and that unending flow of dollars from the mindless Pinks. You can also drop other INWO cards into a SubGenius game, or vice versa!

In honor of this, we've unearthed a classic from the old Illuminati BBS and added it to the GURPS archive: The SubGenius Answers the GURPS Questionnaire. And to help you play the game as deviously as it deserves, the playtesters have already collected a set of dirty tricks for the game. (But surely only Pinks would need to be told such a thing?)


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