The Great
 Swamp Beast

By Peter Schweighofer

This monster mystery scenario can form the basis of an X-Files style game, or can be used as a diverting sideline for a Conspiracy X, Cthulhu Now or GURPS Horror or Illuminati campaign with few alterations. To get the agents started, hand them a copy of the article about a mysterious death and an old swamp creature legend.

Young Man Mauled,
Foul Play Suspected

RICHDALE, CT - A gruesome and unexplained murder has stunned this small, suburban town and the many urban tourists visiting to appreciate the fall foliage.

The victim, an unidentified young male, was discovered yesterday morning along state Route 28, known to many residents as Great Swamp Road. A passing driver noted a form slumped at the edge of the road, built on a raised levee cutting through the Great Swamp.

"A motorist noticed the body and called us immediately," said Police Public Relations Liaison Captain Mitchell Strout. "We examined the scene and recovered the body. The state medical inspector is on his way to perform an autopsy on the remains and attempt to establish the victim's identity." From indications found at the scene, police believe the man was walking along Great Swamp Road late at night when he was apparently attacked.

Captain Strout would not elaborate on the cause of death or the state of the body. "We'll be making a statement later this week once we've identified the victim and followed up on a few leads," he said.

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Article publication date: November 13, 1998

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