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This article originally appeared in Pyramid #7

Gordon's Glove
by M. Phyillaier, Jr.

Gordon's Glove is an item with a Horror flavor, though it can be fit into any campaign. It is owned by Gordon Galtor Bail, born in 1725. Educated in Paris, this Englishman became a grand master in fencing by 1748. Today, Gordon is a fencing instructor at Cambridge University in England, using the name Arthur Georgian. He appears to be in his mid-thirties, and has quite a following among college students and fencers.

Gordon's extremely long life is a result of his glove, a right-hand fencing gauntlet made of boiled leather (PD2, DR2), lacquered with an intricate gold rose on the back. Set in the center of the rose is large opal. The glove gives Gordon effective immortality by stealing small amounts of life energy from Gordon's fencing opponents. The glove must come in contact with the blood of a victim to steal the victim's youth, and the blood must be the result of a wound inflicted in a legitimate fencing match or duel.

Gordon Galtor Bail has ST 13, DX 15, IQ 13 and HT 13. Advantages should include Combat Reflexes, High Pain Threshold, Alertness +1, Fearlessness +2 and one level of Toughness. His Disadvantages should include Bloodlust, Gentleman's Code of Honor, and a Delusion that he is immortal (while the glove prevents his aging, Gordon is still quite vulnerable to physical harm of all kinds). His skills should include Fencing-19, French-16, Tactics-15, Savoir Faire-16, History-16 and Teaching-15. Additional skills, advantages and disadvantages should be added as the GM likes.

The gauntlet itself is a magical item that allows its wearer to cast the spell Steal Youth (GURPS Magic, p. 74) with a Power of 20. The opal is a "dedicated" Powerstone with a ST of 10 (doubled to 20 for its dedicated status -- see p. M47). The glove has several limitations, listed earlier. Gordon is able to cast this spell whenever he draws blood with his foil (using energy from the powerstone first, and his own personal energy only if he's really mad), and will occasionally use the glove's magic to unnaturally age an enemy six, eight, or even ten years, just for spite. He doesn't do this very often, however -- he is usually careful not to arouse suspicion about his longevity and how he acquires it.

Typically, Gordon will stay in a community he likes for 20 or more years, slowing down his aging only slightly during that time. Then he will disappear (occasionally faking his death to cover his tracks) and embark upon a worldwide rejuvenation trip, where he steals a year or two from different people in different places over a period of several months. Once he has his physical age back down to his late 20s or so, he will assume a new identity and start over in a new community.

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