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Frag Deadlands


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Frag Deadlands

Designed by Philip Reed * Edited by Steve Jackson * Cover art by Alex Fernandez
Illustrated by Peter Bergting

Boxed game with full-color cards and gameboard.
Suggested Retail Price $29.95 * Stock number 1342
ISBN 1-55634-606-9
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The fast-moving "first person shooter" boardgame . . . mutated into the Weird West! This is a complete game which combines the award-winning Deadlands background with the fast, fun Frag rules. Play as a magic-using huckster, an undead Harrowed gunslinger, or a Mad Scientist . . . Frag your foes on the main street of Doomtown, and hang them on the gallows!

You don't need the original Frag to play . . . but if you have them both, you can combine them.


  • As promised in the rules, we have stats and information for new characters for Frag Deadlands!


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