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Gaming legend Steve Jackson is bringing back his first RPG, The Fantasy Trip, on Kickstarter.

AUSTIN, TEXAS – The Fantasy Trip (TFT) was one of the early "old school" RPGs. It was very popular in the late 1970s and early '80s, rivaling D&D and Runequest, but then the publisher went out of business!

Now Steve has the rights back, and the new Legacy Edition will be the game he originally wanted to do:

  • Includes both the Melee and Wizard combat minigames, as well as complete roleplaying rules and a dungeon-crawl adventure.
  • The RPG rules are revised, updated, and enlarged.
  • Brand new art, including counters and interior illustrations by original TFT artist Liz Danforth.
  • And generous stretch goals will make the package even bigger!

The game is supported online at, with lots of brand-new material – monsters, spells, devices, designer notes – and much more coming. We couldn’t build a website in 1977, but we can now, and we did!

TFT stands out among roleplaying games because it is easy to learn, easy to referee, and easy to play. A starting character can be created in just a few minutes and will provide years of fun . . . if the monsters don't get him. This is a labor of love for Steve and a dream come true for the active community of TFT players who have kept the game alive all these years (and provided lots of useful forum feedback as the new edition was developed).

The Kickstarter campaign ends August 24.

About Steve Jackson Games

Steve Jackson Games, based in Austin, Texas, has been publishing games, game books, and magazines since 1980. Its best-selling game is Munchkin, with over 8 million copies of the games and supplements in print worldwide. Other top sellers are GURPS (the Generic Universal RolePlaying System), Zombie Dice, and Illuminati. Past hits have included Car Wars and Toon. Steve's very first game, Ogre, originally released in 1977, drew almost a million dollars' worth of Kickstarter support in 2012 for a super-deluxe edition, which was released in late 2013.


Ariel Barkhurst, Press and Retail Liaison
(512) 447-7866 x207

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