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GURPS Classic: Space – Cover

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GURPS Classic: Space

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Written by Steve Jackson and William A. Barton * Cover art by Michael Goodwin
Illustrated by Robert Barger, Dan Carroll, Steve Crompton, Dave Deitrick, Michael Goodwin, C. Bradford Gorby, Wayne A. Lee, Denis Loubet, Carl Manz, Richard Mather, Kyle Miller, George Pratt, Eric Richards, Czeslaw Sornat, Jim Stanislaw, Michael Surbrook, John D. Waltrip, and George "Speed" Webber

GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch

131 pages. PDF. * Price $9.00 * Stock number 30-6005-1
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128 pages. Softcover. * Suggested Retail Price $9.95
Stock number 6005 * ISBN 1-55634-079-6
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The Future Is Yours!

At last . . . the star-spanning sourcebook for the Generic Universal RolePlaying System. In the 128 pages of GURPS Space, you'll find:

  • Detailed, scientifically correct rules for creating star systems and planets . . . either randomly or to fit a specific campaign.
  • Descriptions of 21 character types . . . and new advantages, disadvantages, and skills for a far-future campaign.
  • Three variant human races – heavy-worlders, light-worlders, and Spacers – and guidelines for creating new and different sorts of genetically enhanced humans.
  • Four alien races. Meet the savage near-human Gormelites; the graceful, aggressive Sparrials; the sex-changing Pachekki; and the powerful half-plant Treefolk.
  • Science-fiction gadgets, weapons, and medical technology.
  • Starship construction rules from TL8 (just around the corner) to TL15+ (science fantasy).
  • Quick but detailed abstract ship combat rules – no ship counters, just roleplaying . . . for a quick determination of fleet damage, individual ship damage, and injury to characters.

GURPS Space does not tie your game to a single background. Rather, it is designed for the creative GM who wants to develop their own universe! This book presents a wide variety of choices and background information, to let you recreate your favorite science fiction background – or build your own, from the homeworld out.

  • Choose the scale of your campaign – one star system, or a million.
  • Choose the type of campaign you want to run – space pirates or Star Patrol, hard-working merchants or hard-bitten mercenaries, clever smugglers or starry-eyed explorers, humans or aliens.
  • Choose the political background – from scattered independent worlds, through a loose Alliance or Federation, to a star-spanning Empire. Or perhaps you'd prefer a Corporate State, run by big business. It's all here.
  • Choose the technological background – from a wide variety of stardrives, power plants, and weaponry – to give the campaign the scope and flavor you choose.

Years in the making, GURPS Space is essentially a survey of the whole space-adventure genre as it relates to roleplaying. If you're ready to create your own future . . . it's yours.

This book is designed for use with the GURPS Basic Set, but can be used as a sourcebook for any roleplaying campaign in outer space.

If you're looking for Fourth Edition material, the newest edition of GURPS Space replaces and expands on all of the information from this book.

The most-recent version for GURPS Third Edition is also available.

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