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GURPS Conan Beyond Thunder River – Cover

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GURPS Conan Beyond Thunder River

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Written by W.G. Armintrout
Edited by J. David George, Beverly Hale, C. Mara Lee, and David Ladyman
Cover art by Denis Loubet * Illustrated by Dan Carroll

GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch

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A Savage Horde Is Out for Blood

. . . And only the mighty Conan stands in their path!

When the army of Aquilonia marched across Thunder River and into savage Pictland, the tribes of the Picts were driven away. To secure his rich new territory, King Numedides built Fort Tuscelan, a powerful outpost meant to keep the barbarian Picts from striking back.

But Numedides' lone fort is not enough to stop the Pict raiders. In recent days, the ruthless natives have burned Aquilonian homesteads, raided merchant caravans, and brutally murdered several soldiers from the fort.

For the Picts have united behind a sorcerous leader: the great witch-doctor, Zogar Sag. Even now, he is raising a vast Pict horde to crush Fort Tuscelan.

You are Conan of Cimmeria, commander of the scouts at Fort Tuscelan. Can you stop Zogar Sag and his army?

GURPS Conan Beyond Thunder River is based on the story "Beyond the Black River," by Robert E. Howard. In it you'll find:

  • Adventure – a 560-entry solo adventure for Conan of Cimmeria, or your own character. There are dozens of alternate paths . . . you can play over and over and never have the same adventure twice!
  • Conan Character Sheet – the bold Cimmerian at age 40, as an officer in the service of Aquilonia.
  • Maps – Northwestern Hyboria, showing Aquilonia and Pictland; Conajohara Province, between the two nations; and several combat maps, for the battles in this adventure.
  • Monsters – nine fearsome Hyborian animals for your campaigns.

All of Aquilonia is depending upon you to save the land Beyond Thunder River!

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