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GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 4: Sages – Cover

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GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 4: Sages

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Written by Sean Punch * Edited by Sean Punch
Production art by Alex Fernandez and Philip Reed * Cover art by Bob Stevlic

GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch

17 pages. PDF. * Price $6.00 * Stock number 37-0306
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20 pages. Softcover. * Suggested Retail Price $9.95
Stock number 01-8974 * ISBN 978-1-55634-790-0
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Dungeon fantasy is mostly about hacking and slashing. Mostly. But there are brave souls who seek enlightenment in the dungeon. Most end up skewered, burned, and eaten, but occasionally, knowledge truly does prove to be power.

Dungeon Fantasy 4: Sages lets you play one of the few who successfully mix reading with bleeding, wordplay with swordplay, erudition with eradication . . . well, you get the idea (hey, you're supposed to be smart!). It introduces the artificer, who adds gizmos and technology to the party's swords and spells, and the scholar, who's a true master of obscure lore (such as "Where did ancient cultures hide their stuff?"). These new roles come with character templates, special abilities, and lenses for combining them with other professions.

Even non-sages will find this lore useful! Artificers create funky gadgets that any delver would appreciate. And what good would scholars be without complete rules for books and magical scrolls?

These new character options and gear further expand Dungeon Fantasy 1: Adventurers, and will surely be a hit with any adventuring party that doesn't consist entirely of illiterate ogre barbarians.

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