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Characters for GURPS Third Edition

Last updated September 27, 2011

This is a collection of characters for GURPS Third Edition. (Or see Archangel Beth's Ships!)Within these pages, there are characters ranging from mages to accountants to high-tech idle rich, of many different point values, ready to be used as NPCs, local color, or even Player Characters. (Some of them were player characters before they got here.) Links to characters on other pages are marked with a "*".

Many of them include Conversion notes – ideas for changing the classfication of that character to one of the other three (e.g., Modern to Fantasy, Near Future, or Space).

Note: though these pages are located at the Steve Jackson Games website, the characters contained within are NOT canon! Steve Jackson Games has kindly provided the space for these UNOFFICIAL character sheets, but the responsibility for them is the authors'.

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