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Transhuman Space: Teralogos News – 2100, Fourth Quarter – Cover

Teralogos News

The solar system's information source since 2027

For nearly 75 years, Teralogos News has provided the news and information you need to make sense of an ever-changing solar system.

The Teralogos News series offers news articles from the Transhuman Space setting. This material had previously been available only via an e-mail list back in 2002-2003. With entries written by some of the biggest names in Transhuman Space – including Phil Masters, Jon F. Zeigler, Jamais Cascio, and more – these nuggets of information were hidden for too long. Now these news items have been compiled and formatted to fit in with the rest of the Transhuman Space line.

These stories from Teralogos News have been compiled as quarterly editions, starting with the fourth quarter of 2100. Of course, since there's no overarching plot in Transhuman Space, individual news items can be used whenever it's appropriate. Modify or ignore the ones you can't use as is . . . don't worry, the world of tomorrow is flexible!

Whether you're looking for inspiration, adventure ideas, or background flavor, you can trust Teralogos News to bring you tomorrow's news, today.

Teralogos News: 2100, Fourth Quarter
Fourth Quarter
Teralogos News: 2101, First Quarter
First Quarter
Teralogos News: 2101, Second Quarter
Second Quarter
Teralogos News: 2101, Third Quarter
Third Quarter

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Books Teralogos News Chat Logs Concept Art Playtesting Links

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