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Transhuman Space Alliance Calculator

This is an alliance-creating program for Transhuman Space.
Check the boxes for the countries you want to ally, and look at the left for the total population and power.

The world of Transhuman Space is a world where lots of things can happen.
Wars happen; sometimes between nations, sometimes between coorperations, sometimes the difference is not even clear to the combatants.
Espionage happens, treason happens.......

Lots of hotbeds in the world today are in and around nations whose loyalty is contested by one or more alliances, as even a single nation switching alligiance can cause the balance between alliances, or even within alliances, to collapse.

With this calculator you can determine the power rating of any alliance you can think of.

# Alliance/Nation Countries Power Percentage of
world power
1Chines Block320,0019.1%1,406,000,000
2American Block819,6414.9%513,057,000
3European Union6219,6214.7%478,515,900
4Indian Block619,049.8%1,899,800,000
5Pacific Rim Alliance1518,888.8%469,828,000
6Transpacific Socialist Alliance1518,426.4%1,197,000,000
7   Mexico-17,804.2%170,000,000
8   Brazil-17,603.6%210,000,000
9Islamic Caliphate1517,262.9%539,400,000
10South African Coalition1316,802.1%441,688,000
11   Argentina-16,301.5%53,000,000
12   Pakistan-16,201.4%320,000,000
13   Iran-16,101.3%110,000,000
14Russian Block615,981.2%171,140,000
15   Nigeria-15,600.9%440,000,000
16   Chile-15,200.7%19,000,000
17   Venezuela-15,000.6%36,000,000
18   Canada-14,900.6%20,000,000
19   Egypt-14,900.6%130,000,000
20   Algeria-14,600.5%60,000,000
21   Singapore-14,600.5%12,000,000
22   Morocco-14,300.4%58,000,000
23   Cote d'Ivoire-13,700.2%50,000,000
24   Ghana-13,600.2%38,000,000
25   Switzerland-13,500.2%5,600,000
26   Uzbekistan-13,400.2%61,000,000
27Carribean Union1713,340.2%33,670,000
28   Cameroon-13,200.2%48,000,000
29   Sarawak and Sabah-13,200.2%9,200,000
30   Israel-13,100.2%9,200,000
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