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Fifth Wave Nations
Sorted on Continent and Nation

This is an alliance-creating program for Transhuman Space.
Check the boxes for the countries you want to ally, and look at the left for the total population and power.

AfricaAfrica [Central]Africa [East]Africa [North]Africa [South]Africa [West]Africa
AmericaAmerica [Central]America [North]America [South]America
AsiaAsia [Central]Asia [East]Asia [South]Asia [Southeast]Asia [Southwest]Asia

EuropeEurope [East]Europe [North]Europe [South]Europe [Southeast]Europe [West]Europe

American Block Carribean Union Chines Block European Union Indian Block Islamic Caliphate Pacific Rim Alliance Russian Block South African Coalition Transpacific Socialist Alliance

 American Block
 Region  Alliance  Population  Power
America SamoaOceania(AME)150,0004.7
EcuadorAmerica [South]AME28 million14.3
Marshall islandsOceaniaAME660,0006.4
Northern MarianasOceania(AME)180,0006.7
PanamaAmerica [Central]AME3.9 million11.3
United StatesAmerica [North]AME480 million19.6
 Carribean Union
 Region  Alliance  Population  Power
Antigua and BarbudaCarribeanCAR59,0004.9
Cayman IslandsCarribeanCAR50,0006.4
CubaCarribeanCAR9.5 million11.3
Dominican RepublicCarribeanCAR18 million12.4
JamaicaCarribeanCAR3.6 million9.3
Saint Kitts and NevisCarribeanCAR56,0004.6
Saint LuciaCarribeanCAR250,0005.9
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesCarribeanCAR65,0003.5
Trinidad and TobagoCarribeanCAR600,0009.2
Turks and Caicos IslandsCarribeanCAR51,0003.8
Virgin IslandsCarribeanCAR200,0007.6
 Chinese Block
 Region  Alliance  Population  Power
ChinaAsia [East]CHI1.4 billion20.0
KachinAsia [Southeast]CHI1.2 million6.9
Shan RepublicAsia [Southeast]CHI4.8 million8.9
 European Union
 Region  Alliance  Population  Power
AlbaniaEurope [Southeast]EUR4.6 million9.8
AndorraEurope [South]EUR56,0006.7
ArmeniaAsia [Southwest]EUR3.3 million10.9
AustriaEurope [West]EUR6.9 million13.8
AzerbaijanAsia [Southwest]EUR12 million11.6
Bosnia and HerzegovinaEurope [Southeast]EUR3.5 million9.4
BrusselsEurope [West]EUR930,00010.8
BulgariaEurope [Southeast]EUR3.3 million10.8
CataloniaEurope [South]EUR4.5 million13.1
CroatiaEurope [Southeast]EUR4.1 million11.9
CyprusAsia [Southwest]EUR810,00010.1
Czech RepublicEurope [East]EUR6.4 million13.7
DenmarkEurope [North]EUR5.4 million13.5
EstoniaEurope [East]EUR950,0009.3
Faroe IslandsEurope [North]EUR53,0005.8
FinlandEurope [North]EUR4.2 million12.8
FlandersEurope [West]EUR5.2 million13.3
FranceEurope [West]EUR5.5 million16.8
French GuianaAmerica [South](EUR)380,0007.3
French PolynesiaOceania(EUR)420,0008.4
GeorgiaAsia [Southwest]EUR3.8 million10.8
GermanyEurope [West]EUR72 million17.2
GibraltarEurope [South](EUR)23,0005.5
GreeceEurope [Southeast]EUR7.8 million13.9
GreenlandAmerica [North]EUR58,0006.5
IcelandEurope [North]EUR270,0009.0
IrelandEurope [North]EUR4.3 million13.0
ItalyEurope [South]EUR36 million16.1
KoningsbergEurope [East]EUR1.5 million10.3
LatviaEurope [East]EUR1.5 million9.6
LithuaniaEurope [East]EUR2.9 million10.8
LuxembourgEurope [West]EUR590,00010.2
MacedoniaEurope [Southeast]EUR2.0 million9.7
MaltaEurope [South]EUR400,0009.4
MaritimesAmerica [North]EUR2.6 million11.8
MayotteAfrica [South](EUR)910,0005.5
MontenegroEurope [Southeast]EUR730,0008.2
NetherlandsEurope [West]EUR16 million15.0
Netherlands AntillesCarribean(EUR)250,0007.5
NewfoundlandAmerica [North]EUR770,00010.1
NorwayEurope [North]EUR5.0 million13.3
PolandEurope [East]EUR29 million15.3
PortugalEurope [South]EUR7.9 million13.8
QuebecAmerica [North]EUR5.8 million12.9
ReunionAfrica [South](EUR)1.2 million10.6
RomaniaEurope [East]EUR16 million12.5
Saint HelenaAmerica [South](EUR)6,4000.0
Saint Pierre and MiquelonAmerica [North](EUR)5,5002.7
ScotlandEurope [North]EUR4.6 million13.0
SerbiaEurope [Southeast]EUR8.2 million10.7
SlovakiaEurope [East]EUR4.0 million12.0
SloveniaEurope [Southeast]EUR1.4 million11.4
SpainEurope [South]EUR22 million15.4
SwedenEurope [North]EUR7.8 million13.7
TurkeyAsia [Southwest]EUR87 million16.2
United KingdomEurope [North]EUR49 million16.4
Wallis and FutunaOceania(EUR)22,0001.2
WalloniaEurope [West]EUR2.1 million11.8
 Indian Block
 Region  Alliance  Population  Power
BhutanAsia [South]IND6.3 million8.8
IndiaAsia [South]IND1.8 billion19.0
MaldivesAsia [South]IND1.1 million7.6
MauritiusAfrica [South]IND1.4 million10.8
NepalAsia [South]IND68 million12.5
Sri LankaAsia [South]IND23 million12.9
 Islamic Caliphate
 Region  Alliance  Population  Power
BahrainAsia [Southwest]ISL1.0 million10.3
ComorosAfrica [South]ISL2.8 million7.2
DjiboutiAfrica [East]ISL1.8 million6.1
IraqAsia [Southwest]ISL74 million13.8
JordanAsia [Southwest]ISL15 million12.2
KuwaitAsia [Southwest]ISL9.3 million14.0
LebanonAsia [Southwest]ISL5.0 million10.8
OmanAsia [Southwest]ISL12 million12.2
Plastinian EnclavesAsia [Southwest]ISL14 million11.7
QatarAsia [Southwest]ISL1.3 million10.7
Saudi ArabiaAsia [Southwest]ISL160 million16.4
SudanAfrica [North]ISL77 million11.4
SyriaAsia [Southwest]ISL42 million13.0
United Arab EmiratesAsia [Southwest]ISL4.2 million12.4
YemenAsia [Southwest]ISL120 million12.5
 Pacific Rim Alliance
 Region  Alliance  Population  Power
Alberta & British ColumbiaAmerica [North]PRA10 million14.1
AustraliaOceaniaPRA25 million15.5
BruneiAsia [Southeast]PRA670,0009.0
East TimorAsia [Southeast]PRA1.5 million9.3
FijiOceaniaPRA1.8 million9.8
JapanAsia [East]PRA84 million17.2
Kanaky republicOceaniaPRA310,0008.6
KoreaAsia [East]PRA72 million16.8
Maluku SelantanAsia [Southeast]PRA3.9 million10.4
New GuineaOceaniaPRA17 million12.2
PhilippinesAsia [Southeast]PRA185 million16.4
Solomon IslandsOceaniaPRA1.4 million7.5
ThailandAsia [Southeast]PRA67 million15.8
 Russian Block
 Region  Alliance  Population  Power
AbkhaziaAsia [Southwest]RUS440,0007.7
KazakstanAsia [Central]RUS22 million12.8
KyrgyzstanAsia [Central]RUS12 million11.0
MoldavaEurope [East]RUS4.7 million9.9
RussiaEurope [East]RUS108 million15.7
TajikistanAsia [Central]RUS24 million9.8
 South African Coalition
 Region  Alliance  Population  Power
BotswanaAfrica [South]SAC1.3 million9.4
KenyaAfrica [East]SAC45 million14.1
LesothoAfrica [South]SAC3.6 million9.6
MalawiAfrica [South]SAC18 million11.4
MozambiqueAfrica [South]SAC28 million11.7
NamibiaAfrica [South]SAC3.3 million10.6
SeychellesAfrica [East]SAC88,0004.8
South AfricaAfrica [South]SAC33 million16.0
SwazilandAfrica [South]SAC3.4 million10.2
TanganyikaAfrica [East]SAC125 million12.7
UgandaAfrica [East]SAC141 million13.4
ZambiaAfrica [South]SAC29 million11.7
ZimbabweAfrica [South]SAC11 million12.2
 Transpacific Socialist Alliance
 Region  Alliance  Population  Power
BangladeshAsia [South]TSA230 million15.3
BoliviaAmerica [South]TSA16 million12.1
BurmaAsia [Southeast]TSA37 million11.9
CambodiaAsia [Southeast]TSA36 million11.2
ColombiaAmerica [South]TSA72 million15.3
El SalvadorAmerica [Central]TSA15 million11.8
GuatamalaAmerica [Central]TSA43 million13.5
HondurasAmerica [Central]TSA15 million11.4
IndonesiaAsia [Southeast]TSA350 million17.0
LaosAsia [Southeast]TSA17 million10.9
MadagascarAfrica [South]TSA130 million12.1
MalaysiaAsia [Southeast]TSA45 million15.5
NicaraguaAmerica [Central]TSA11 million11.0
PeruAmerica [South]TSA50 million14.8
VietnamAsia [Southeast]TSA130 million14.7
 Unaffiliated Nations
 Region  Alliance  Population  Power
AfghanistanAsia [Central] 94 million10.9
AlgeriaAfrica [North] 60 million14.6
AngolaAfrica [Central] 34 million10.5
ArgentinaAmerica [South] 53 million16.3
BelizeAmerica [Central] 770,0007.1
BeninAfrica [West] 27 million12.1
BrazilAmerica [South] 210 million17.6
Burkino FasoAfrica [West] 53 million10.8
BurundiAfrica [Central] 24 million10.5
CameroonAfrica [Central] 48 million13.2
CanadaAmerica [North] 20 million14.9
Cape VerdeAfrica [West] 290,0005.1
CasamanceAfrica [West] 5.6 million10.3
Central African RepublicAfrica [Central] 8.3 million9.5
ChadAfrica [Central] 57 million10.9
ChileAmerica [South] 19 million15.2
CongoAfrica [Central] 10 million8.9
Cook IslandsOceania 25,0003.0
Costa RicaAmerica [Central] 6.1 million12.0
Cote d'IvoireAfrica [West] 50 million13.7
EgyptAfrica [North] 130 million14.9
Equatorial GuineaAfrica [West] 1.7 million7.9
EritreaAfrica [East] 20 million8.7
EthiopiaAfrica [East] 300 million12.3
GabonAfrica [Central] 2.4 million10.2
GambiaAfrica [West] 6.2 million9.4
GhanaAfrica [West] 38 million13.6
GuineaAfrica [West] 25 million11.4
Guinea-BissauAfrica [West] 4.5 million7.5
GuyanaAmerica [South] 810,0007.3
HaitiCarribean 15 million9.3
Haut-ZaireAfrica [Central] 43 million9.7
Holy SeeEurope [South] 0,9001.0
HungaryEurope [East] 6.5 million13.0
IranAsia [Southwest] 110 million16.1
IsraelAsia [Southwest] 9.2 million13.1
KatangaAfrica [Central] 24 million8.9
KiribatiOceania 340,0003.7
KivuAfrica [Central] 46 million9.8
KongoAfrica [Central] 190 million11.9
LiberiaAfrica [West] 16 million9.0
LibyaAfrica [North] 13 million12.9
LiechtensteinEurope [West] 32,0006.0
MaliAfrica [West] 57 million11.3
MauritaniaAfrica [West] 13 million9.7
MekamuiOceania 380,0008.8
MexicoAmerica [Central] 170 million17.8
MonacoEurope [West] 30,0006.0
MongoliaAsia [East] 4.6 million10.7
MontrealAmerica [North] 4.9 million13.0
MoroccoAfrica [North] 58 million14.3
New ZealandOceania 4.4 million13.0
NigerAfrica [West] 40 million11.5
NigeriaAfrica [West] 440 million15.6
NunavutAmerica [North] 240,0008.4
PakistanAsia [South] 320 million16.2
ParaguayAmerica [South] 21 million12.8
RwandaAfrica [Central] 10 million10.0
Sahrawi RepublicAfrica [North] 840,0002.8
SamoaOceania 170,0005.1
San MarinoEurope [South] 34,0005.9
Sao Tome and PrincipeAfrica [Central] 710,0004.6
Sarawak and SabahAsia [Southeast] 9.2 million13.2
SenegalAfrica [West] 33 million12.8
Sierra LeoneAfrica [West] 24 million8.7
SingaporeAsia [Southeast] 12 million14.6
SomaliaAfrica [East] 41 million9.6
South SudanAfrica [East] 33 million10.2
SurinameAmerica [South] 300,0006.4
SwitzerlandEurope [West] 5.6 million13.5
TogoAfrica [West] 12 million10.6
TunesiaAfrica [North] 13 million12.3
TurkmenistanAsia [Central] 13 million10.1
TuvaluOceania 24,0000.3
UkraineEurope [East] 32 million12.7
UrugayAmerica [South] 5.0 million12.0
UzbekistanAsia [Central] 61 million13.4
VanuatuOceania 350,0004.9
VenezuelaAmerica [South] 36 million15.0
ZanzibarAfrica [East] 2.7 million7.2
ZuliaAmerica [South] 5.5 million12.3
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