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April 3, 2014: Remember Adam Power? He's Back! And He's In Glyos Form!

Power Lords!

Adam Power, an obscure character from an obscure line of toys and a three-issue DC comic series from 1983, is back and ready for fun! You may or may not remember the Power Lords toys of the early eighties (Wikipedia can help you out), but once you see what my buddies over at Four Horsemen Studios have done to relaunch the series I think you'll be impressed. Combining the original Wayne Barlowe concept art and character designs with the Glyos System joints created by Onell Design, Jim, Eric, and Cornboy of Four Horsemen Studios have sculped and produced some truly amazing action figures.

I love that my battlegrip.com website has allowed me to meet so many amazing toy artists, and watching some of the best sculptors in today's action figure market recreate classic designs -- just as the Four Horsemen have done with Mattel's Masters of the Universe toys for over a decade now -- is far more rewarding than you can imagine. Getting sneak peeks at early stages, opportunities to talk with the guys about manufacturing, and even random calls about future plans are just some of the perks of knowing the trio. They're awesome, and I think once you take a look at their work you'll see why I'm so proud to have Four Horsemen Studios in my address book.

Now if I can just find a way to bring them to one of our game projects . . .

-- Phil Reed

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