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April 19, 2014: Thank You, Retailers!

On Tuesday, March 18 at 1 pm and again at 4 pm I was fortunate enough to present our upcoming games and expansions to retailers attending the GAMA Trade Show. Each of these one-hour presentations was fantastic fun, and I cannot thank all of the attending retailers enough for showing up to hear me chatter on about games. Sorry if I ran on a bit long, but you guys were warned that it was me and that GAMA gave me an hour. I do love to talk.

During the presentation we discussed not only new titles -- and there were plenty of those to chat about, including a surprise from John Kovalic that "accidentally" slipped into the slides -- but I also had a chance to ask the retailers about possible future projects. Most popular wouldn't-that-be-incredible potential product? Official Munchkin card sleeves. With new cards! 

We may have to look into that . . .

-- Phil Reed

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