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April 9, 2009: Viva Revolution!

Revolution! Cover

You've heard us gush about this abstract game, and if you've been to any conventions with us over the past year, you've seen us doing demos with a maniac glee. And now it's at the printer. Nothing can stop the Revolution!

What's all the fuss? In many ways, Revolution! is an unusual project for us. The components and game play have much more in common with modern German board games than, say, Munchkin. The designer was an outsider, publishing the prototype on his own (check out the reviews of his version on BoardGameGeek). In others, it's exactly what you'd expect from Steve Jackson Games -- a fun game with excellent production and solid rules.

In the end, however, the core reason we're making so much noise about Revolution! is simple: we love this game. If you're a retailer, stop by our booth at the GAMA Trade Show later this month and play a round or two -- you'll see what we mean. If you won't be in Vegas, you should be seeing it on store shelves in early July.

-- Paul Chapman

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