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April 27, 2009: "Go On, You Freeloaders! Git!"

Is what we would say if we hated our fans and (more importantly) their money. But we don't, so we won't, and thus I didn't!

Right. The point. Um. So, the new somewhat-less-new-than-it-used-to-be PDF incarnation of Pyramid has hit its sixth month, and (as you might expect) its sixth issue. That means that this is the last issue you'll receive if your subscription was rolled over from the old web-based version of Pyramid. If you want any more, you'll either have to pony up for a new subscription or buy the releases individually as they suit your whim.

So what is this issue, Pyramid #3/6: Space Colony Alpha, all about? Well, it's got space. It's got colonies. And alpha? Are you kidding? This thing is loaded with the letter "A." Pick it up if you're looking for ways to take those first small steps for a man. Or woman. Or genderless personality downloaded into a vaguely dog/spider cybershell thingie. Whatever, it's GURPS, go crazy.

-- Fox Barrett

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