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April 20, 2009: We're Told Men Are From There

Which might explain why They are always trying to steal our women . . .

Hey-hey, check it out, we released another GURPS Classic on e23! Up for some digital distribution this time is GURPS Classic: Mars, our guide to everyone's favorite rusty red rock this side of Proxima. It joins its two long-time e23 brethren, Grendel and Rescue Mission, to form some sort of interplanetary trifecta of gaming goodness. Seeing as how this is GURPS and all, you can expect information on everything from antennae-bearing people to antennae-bearing probes.

And if any of the natives try to take the women on your expedition, just firmly explain that we got over that whole Red Scare thing years ago . . . and that our women all know Venusian Laser Judo or something.

-- Fox Barrett

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