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April 22, 2011: Announcing The Munchkin Webcomic Contest!

Do you publish a webcomic? Are you a Munchkin? Do you like . . . GOLD PIECES?

We will be running a month-long contest for webcomics that refer to the Munchkin game. At the end of the contest, the SJ Games Men in Black (our demo team, hundreds strong) will vote on the winners.


For new creations during the contest period: $1,000, $500 second prize, $200 third prize, and some honorable mentions which will win your choice of Munchkin core sets. Signed, of course. With in-game bonuses.

For creations before the contest period (yes, we're honoring the cool people who did this already without being bribed!): $500 first prize, $200 second prize, maybe some honorable mentions.

For creations after the contest period . . . HAR HAR TOO LATE but send them anyway!!

There will also be a special contest for both new and old comics -- judged, not by the MIBs, but by anyone who wants to vote in the online poll. An online vote gives a big advantage to artists that are already popular. Therefore the prizes in this category ($1,000 first, $500 second) will be donated in the winners' names to the nonprofit groups they choose.

Contest Rules

1. To enter the contest, send a link to your webcomic to contest@sjgames.com. The link should be to the page on which the comic appears, not just your home page.

2. You may use images or representations of the Munchkin game, characters, logos, or monsters as long as you acknowledge (on the page where the contest comic is published) that Steve Jackson Games retains ownership of the characters and monsters depicted, by cutting and pasting this text:

"Munchkin is a trademark of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated, and the art and unique card titles from Munchkin are copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. All rights are reserved by SJ Games." If you're using existing Munchkin art, credit the original creator (check the game credits!).

If you include your Munchkin pages in any future printed compilation, that text must also appear either on the copyright page of your collection or on the page containing the comic itself.

3. You don't have to draw. You can pose Munchkin pawns, pose LEGO figures, pose Barbie dolls, dress your dog in Munchkin gear. Just make us laugh.

4. A single frame is okay. A whole storyline is okay. Have fun.

5. If your comic burns out the eyes of our staff members, it's out of the running. We have no doubt that some of you have the power to squick some of us. Please don't.

6. The way in which you munchkin-out is entirely up to you. Use whatever Munchkin theme you like. Your characters can play Munchkin. They can be Munchkins. They can be long-suffering store owners. They can be an elite Imperial team sent to stop the Munchkin madness.

7. The page on which the comic is published must include the banner below, linked to www.worldofmunchkin.com.

8. You must be cool with worldofmunchkin.com linking back to all entries, and permanently hosting copies of the winners with links back to their regular sites.

9. The contest begins on May 1, 2011 and ends on June 1, 2011.

10. The e-mail entry must be sent to SJ Games by noon (Austin time) on June 1, 2011. Please include your name, address, and e-mail address.

11. Employees, immediate family members of employees, MIBs, contractors, or freelancers of SJ Games may enter the contest but are not eligible to win at higher than Honorable Mention level. If ineligible people do something cool, we'll celebrate it -- we just won't write you a big check for it. We might hire you afterward if you're not careful.

12. SJ Games reserves the right not to award all prizes if there are insufficient entries. (We are not worried about this, though.)

-- Andrew Hackard

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