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April 21, 2011: These Are Obvously Not The Classic Romero Zombies

Munchkin Zombies. Also, the secret word of the day is 'duck sausage.' The first person to say these words to me at GenCon 2011 (during show hours) will get a promo card. "First: keep the core Munchkin sets, and Munchkin Quest, in print." -- SJ, 2011 Stakeholder's Report

Remember that new core set we released about two weeks ago? Munchkin Zombies was the title, but maybe we should have called it Munchkin Sprinter -- our warehouse has technically sold out already.

As the guide book says, "Don't Panic." We have the second half of the print run scheduled to arrive before the end of April (hurryhurryhurry), and the distributors are mostly stocked up. Your friendly local game store should have plenty on their shelves. In fact, no one outside of our sales staff should notice anything other than a minor delay in getting a restock . . . about the same sort of delay that would happen if Ross got sick for a couple of days. (Which, for a rugged Canadian outdoorsman, is virtually impossible.)

But that was quite a few copies flying out the door in a very short number of days. And Phil keeps stumbling around the office, muttering "Gotta reorder Munchkin."

It's a good thing we've got some conventions coming up. When we're at the cons, the hundreds of games -- scheduled, tournaments, and pickup -- remind us that there are legions of people who actually play our games . . . and that makes all the stress worthwhile.

-- Paul Chapman

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