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March 21, 2011: Music By Night, Mounted Matches By Day

In Nomine: Night MusicSpace Gamer #63You say you crave adventure? You say you enjoy an active nightlife? Then the helpful travel agents at e23 have just what you're looking for!

Consider booking your vacation in beautiful Austin, where angels and demons clash in the War to help determine the final Fate (or Destiny) of the world. With In Nomine: Night Music, you'll enjoy the scares and splendor of the Celestial world. Meet Christopher, Archangel of Children. Learn from Laurence, Archangel of the Sword. Meet Saminga, Demon Prince of Death . . . and perhaps live to tell the tale! Complement your tour with a complete description of Austin in the world of In Nomine. Enjoy the music and mayhem of a live show, with an adventure aptly entitled "The Demon Prince of Rock and Roll."

(In Nomine: Night Music is the first part of the Revelations Cycle for In Nomine. Tax and port fees not included. Some restrictions may apply. No warranties here or in the hereafter either expressed or implied. Ask your doctor if In Nomine is right for you.)

Or do you prefer knight life over nightlife? If so, we have you covered there, too. With Space Gamer #63, you'll take a trip back to the past and enjoy "The Haunting of Harkwood." This generic fantasy adventure focuses on the pomp and pageantry of a tournament, with chivalric souls clashing to win the day. And there just may be mystery and intrigue waiting to make things more interesting . . .

Space Gamer #63 also comes with printable Cardboard Heroes minis for use with the adventure, and more goodies you've come to know and love from classic installments of Space Gamer.

(Space Gamer #63 is not to be taken internally or used as a flotation device.)

So don't delay! Book passage today for what could be the adventure of a lifetime!

-- Steven Marsh

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