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March 31, 2011: Munchkin in Target!

The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Target Acquisition!

This may come as a shock to most of you reading the Daily Illuminator, but lots of people have never been to a game store. Many of them still manage to find our games, thanks to dedicated friends and family members, but there are lots of unlucky, deprived people who don't even know Steve Jackson Games exists. They need our help!

Part of our grand strategy for solving this problem is to encourage all of you to play games with your friends and families. Another part is to find ways to open up new markets, reaching people who haven't already been exposed to our games, and then lure them into the game stores where they can find out just how addictive our hobby can be.

As part of this effort to reach brand-new gamers, we're pleased to announce that selected Target locations will be carrying special Munchkin sets during the month of April. These locations are a test; if Munchkin sells well, more Target stores might pick up Munchkin . . . and that would make us very happy!

These will be classic Munchkin sets with some bonuses. Each one will include a Munchkin Reloaded! pack, a special Munchkin d6 unique to these test sets, and The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Target Acquisition!, which is available only in the Munchkin boxes sold at Target during the test. The price of these sets remains $24.99. And since Target (and our other mass-market retail partners) don't carry the expansions, once you get your loved ones hooked on the core sets, you can bring them to your favorite game stores and finish the conversion, and introduce them to the other hobby games you love!

Below is the list of stores that are participating in the test.

-- Andrew Hackard

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