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April 24, 2005: Chaos Stuff

I continue to have way too much fun with the Chaos Machine. For those who haven't heard, this is a large collection of the Chaos educational building set, which I take to conventions and, with the help of anybody who feels like helping, build a HUGE NOISY THING.

The Chaos Machine is at Penguicon this weekend . . . but I'm not. The designated Chaos wrangler there is none other than the Master of Schlock, Howard Tayler. Howard encountered Chaos at last year's Linucon and got hooked. He is now the only person, other than me, who is officially allowed to take this THING to conventions. (So, note: if you want a really cool guest who can discuss webcomics and modern computer technology with equal facility, AND who brings this Cool Noisy Thing along, talk to Howard.)

The next Chaos outing will be over Memorial Day. I will be at Marcon, in Columbus, with the Machine. Also with a lot of game stuff, including just-released copies of SPANC and a sneak preview of Super Munchkin. So come see me!

The trip after that will probably be across town to Austin, for the 2005 edition of Linucon. And with any luck, Howard will be there too!
-- Steve Jackson

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