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April 24, 2014: Quest Night

Quest Night, by Scare for the Cure, is fantastic fun!

Lenny, Miranda, and I went to Quest Night this past weekend with my wife Nicole and my friend Mike (and one random stranger, to make a group of six).

Let me back up a bit and tell you what Quest Night is. I'm going to assume you're familiar with the idea of a dungeon crawl (if you're not, check out GURPS Dungeon Fantasy), your characters going from room to room exterminating monsters and picking up loot along the way. Quest Night is like that, except that you and your party aren't sitting around a table. You're actually in the dungeon, solving puzzles, bypassing traps, moving from room to room, killing monsters, and taking their stuff. Quest Night's sets are elaborate and detailed, the monsters are well-costumed, and the fights are a lot of fun. (No, you don't actually hit people; you stand at a table, the monsters opposite you, and roll giant foam dice while you and the monsters hurl taunts at each other.)

The best part? All of the proceeds that don't cover overhead go to breast cancer research! Oh, and did I mention that it's running again this weekend? If you're in or near Manor, Texas (or willing to fly in for a weekend), I recommend checking Quest Night out. It surpassed all of my expectations.

-- Brian Engard

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