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April 28, 2009: Two RPGs Enter, One RPG Leaves

In one corner, we had GURPS, the local favorite. In the other, the 800 pound gorilla, D&D. The battle raged . . . well, pretty quietly actually. But a champion has now emerged, and the loser* is getting kicked to the curb.

Well, not so much "kicked" as "sold." Warehouse 23 is clearing out all D&D products, in the form of a 10% off sale, as of right now. Offer is only good while supplies last, so if you need a book to fill out your miniatures-shoving, dungeon-crawling, dragon-slaying collection, now's the time.

(* The results of any battle held in W23 should not be taken as relevant to markets outside of W23, nor anything, really, other than the marketing guy's fevered imagination. But we are clearing out Wizards' products.)

-- Paul Chapman

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