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August 5, 2009: More Revolution! Reviews


We spotted a couple of new Revolution! reviews this past weekend. First, Adam Hoffman posted an excellent description of his experience at Vault of Midnight in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Phil and Will hung out there after ProtoSpiel, and ran a game or two.

Next, David over at Purple Pawn played the game at Origins with Will, and wrote a review. He also touched base with the designer, Philip duBarry, and talked a little about how the game came to be. Click over for the review; stay for Philip's peek behind the curtain of taking a game from DIY to full-scale distribution.

All the feedback we've gotten from this past year's demos has been fantastic, but we can't wait for the wider market to see this game. The warehouse reports the container arrived safely, and they've been shipping them out to your FLGS as quickly as possible. Copies should be on your store shelves in late August (or early September, depending on where you are)!

-- Paul Chapman

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