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August 10, 2009: It's All About the Ninja

I don't care what anybody around here tells you. Ninja are where it's at, buddy. Oh sure, pirates sound great. High seas. Shoulder-mounted pets. Punctuating everything wtih "arrr." Yeah, y'know what else they have? Scurvy. Go ahead, bring that one up on the ol' Wikipedia. I'm sure it has lots of fun pictures. Me? I'll be sticking to the shadows.

Now, if you want your games to be as cool as ninja are, you're going to need GURPS Classic: Japan. This thing is wall-to-wall ninja. Ninja sneaking into castles, ninja stabbing guys in the head, ninja wearing awesome black outfits. It's like NinjaCon. Y'know, if ninja had a con. Which they don't, because that would kind of defeat the purpose of being hidden. Or maybe they do, and it's just an empty con hall with no signs. Hmmm. Er, sorry, I seem to had gotten off track. Anyway, buy the book, because ninja totally rule!

. . . I have just been informed that there's stuff in here about Japan's culture and history, covering the Warring States Period and the later bits of the Tokugawa shogunate. Um. I guess that stuff is pretty neat, too.

-- Fox Barrett

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