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August 13, 2022: Good Luck, David!


David Blanchard, who has been with our manufacturing partner GPI since we first started working together 15 years ago, is one of my best friends in the world. Over the decade plus that we have worked together, David and I have shared wins, losses, and more road trip miles across Europe and Asia than I've had with anyone else on the planet. Throughout it all, David's brilliance, generosity, and dedication to perfection and success has impressed me, and I was not shocked at all when he took his Parkinson's diagnosis and turned it into a battle cry. David isn't one to shrink away from protecting what he believes in, and this means that something like Parkinson's isn't going to stop him from taking care of his friends and family . . . all while working tirelessly on game manufacturing and game design.

Next month, David is hitting the streets again for the New England Parkinson's Ride. While I wish I could be there to support him in person, I've realized that the best thing for him that day is to give him the space he needs to accomplish the ride and celebrate with his family. So, this year I'll miss being there the day of the ride, but that doesn't stop me from contributing to David's fundraising project. And, if you wish, you may also contribute to the ride and the fight against Parkinson's.

Good luck, David! I know you'll do great, just as you do with everything you tackle in life. I'm proud of you and I am always here for you.

-- Phil Reed

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