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August 17, 2007: Update From GenCon

First, the Wizards of the Coast announcement was indeed D&D Fourth Edition. Much marketing speak was spoken, and some interesting ideas were floated. How many of them were over-hyped, how many understated, and what impact they'll all have on our industry is the topic of much debate. Time will tell.

On more important matters, we sold out of our supply of GURPS Martial Arts in the first few hours. Not to worry, we're getting a resupply from the warehouse for the weekend.

Happily, GURPS Supers arrived tonight, so that'll be on the shelves Friday. And Munchkin Cthulhu 2 should be available Saturday.

But if you've already blown your budget just getting to Indianapolis, wander over to Room 139 for tons of demos and Steve Jackson Games event from our trusty MIBs. After all, it's about the games!
-- Paul Chapman

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