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August 19, 2007: Spaceships, Not Starships

For some reason only known to the Secret Masters, I keep referring to David Pulver's upcoming e23 book, covering spaceship creation and combat, as "GURPS Starships." This is, of course, incorrect: the proper title is GURPS Spaceships.

Oddly, during the first discussions on this project, I had the same problem. Dr. Kromm would thump me in the brainpan, and eventually I stopped. But lately, as David turns the final chapters in for editing, Thomas and I have been marvelling at the system, and I started up again.

So if you spot a post of mine on the GURPS forum, talking about "starships," give me a gentle poke, and I'll fix it. Unless you're Kromm; then I deserve the abuse.
-- Paul Chapman

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