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August 17, 2009: Personnel Security

We interrupt this ad for a brief news report. (Yes, we know it usually works the other way. Deal with it.) Anyway: There are about 20 slots open in the upcoming UltraCorps test game; if you've been meaning to try it out, now's your chance. We now return you to the next paragraph.

For as long as there have been Important People, there have been Bad People Who Hurt Important People. I think it's one of the Great Cosmic Laws or something. (Kinda like how needless capitalization is always funny.) Now you and I both know, if Transhuman Space is to be believed, that the future is not a safe place. In fact, it's probably a lot less safe. You could be assassinated by flesh-eating nanobots that can reduce an adult human to a wet stain on the floor in four or five seconds. Or maybe that Girl Scout isn't a cute little girl, but actually a cyborg outfitted with the latest chameleon tech and trained by the best black-ops operatives in the world. Your car could eat you.

Paranoid yet? Great! Now you're in the right mindset for Transhuman Space: Personnel Files 4 - Martingale Security. This book details a bodyguard firm, which is precisely what any high-profile socialite living in the 22nd century needs. They are ready, willing, and able to crash through the window, grab the ambassador's head, twist it off, and hurl it out of the back door mere seconds before it explodes. Oh, you didn't realize that ambassador was actually a bombhead bot? See why you need these people now?

So pick up the book today. Your 110-year-old ghost living in the bioshell of a Felicia bioroid teen idol named "DJ Meow Mix-A-Lot" will thank you.

-- Fox Barrett

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