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August 1, 2016:
In the 2015 Report to the Stakeholders, I gave us a deadline of July 2 to send Car Wars sixth edition to print for a late 2016 release. Earlier this year, after a close review of the whole line -- the first year of planned games and expansions, not just the basic game -- we determined that it was best to delay the release of the new edition of Car Wars until 2017 . . . read article

August 2, 2016:
Just think of all the times in your life you've had to pay for tentacles. You buy a car, you've got to pay the extra tentacle fee . . . read article

August 3, 2016:
Gen Con's opening bell is about to ring, so it's time to reveal the amazing contests we're running! We're giving away wonderful swag each day -- some you have to be at the con to win, and some you can win from anywhere! . . . read article

August 4, 2016:
Gen Con 2016 is here, and SJ Games has so much cool stuff, it'll make your head spin.  Booth 1401 is locked, stocked, and ready to show off all the newest and upcoming releases. Get demos of Simon's Cat Card Game, I Hate Zombies!, Ogre: Objective 218, Moop's Monster Mashup, or even a giant game of Bill & Ted's Excellent Boardgame . . . read article

August 5, 2016:
If you were at the first night of Munchkin Tavern at Gen Con, you can probably stop reading. But if you weren't, this is where you find out about two 2017 releases that Andrew Hackard revealed at the Tavern . . . read article

August 6, 2016:
If you were at the Munchkin Tavern here at Gen Con 2016 last night (or follow us on social media), you might have heard about Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition, illustrated by Lar DeSouza! And if you weren't, you are hearing about it now. Super Munchkin is one of the most popular versions of Munchkin, so it's only logical that it would get Guest Artist Edition treatment for our 15th anniversary . . . read article

August 7, 2016:
One of the many cool perks of being at the Munchkin Tavern is hearing new game announcements before anyone else. But if you didn't have a chance to hear the good news last night, here you go: Munchkin Wonderland is coming out later this year, exclusively from Amazon! Munchkin Wonderland is based on the previously released Munchkin Treasure Hunt, with simple rules perfect for the entire family . . . read article

August 8, 2016:
Nothing says "versatile" like "zombies". They can be genuinely scary . . . read article

August 9, 2016:
For many, Gen Con is four spectacular days of gaming wrapped around an untold number of chances to discover the latest games. Our booth alone offered up four new games -- Simon's Cat: The Card Game, Bill & Ted's Excellent Boardgame, I Hate Zombies, and Moop's Monster Mashup -- and when you include all of the new releases by other publishers at the convention, you find an overwhelming number of new games . . . read article

August 10, 2016:
Spyke is up to his usual chainsaw tricks in the 12 Days Of Munchkin Coloring Book, which I'm 99% sure will get him on Santa's naughty list. I don't think Spyke cares, though, because he gets to slay monsters all season long! . . . read article

August 11, 2016:
Do you ever ask yourself, "What's wrong with this world?" We do, too. And usually, we come up with a whole lot of very different answers . . . read article

August 12, 2016:
Here at Steve Jackson Games, many of us have fully rejected the concept of sleep. How can we sleep when there are so many conventions, and every one of them is a chance to demo games and give our fans free stuff? . . . read article

August 13, 2016:
It's a great day for Steve Jackson Games fans! We've got events in retail stores all over the country, and we're at a con . . . read article

August 14, 2016:
Tombs are more treacherous as Peter V. Dell'Orto (co-author of GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 1) unleashes 16 new threats with GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 3: Born of Myth & Magic . . . read article

August 15, 2016:
When you see Katie Cook's new art for the Amazon.com-exclusive Munchkin Oz Guest Artist Edition, there's really only one thing you could possibly say – " . . . I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore!" That is, if you enjoy terrible, cliché jokes . . . read article

August 16, 2016:
We've got some fun, some strange, and some cape-wearing new releases coming this November! Look for these products at your friendly local game store as we draw nearer to the Thanksgiving season. Munchkin Standard Card Sleeves: Spyke Spyked and dangerous. Don't you want Spyke to protect your poker-sized cards? . . . read article

August 17, 2016:
The forces of law and order make your campaign come alive, thanks to Pyramid #3/93: Cops and Lawyers. This issue looks at various agents of the legal system and the police forces tasked to ensure peace . . . read article

August 18, 2016:
Everyone is feeling mixed-up and melodramatic in the Munchkin comic-verse. It must be the influence of Munchkin Gloom and Moop's Monster Mashup in issue #20 of Munchkin comics! . . . read article

August 19, 2016:
If you follow us on our many social-media outlets, you know that on weekends, we run our #PlayMunchkin contest, where you can win prizes simply for posting pictures of yourself playing a game of Munchkin. They don't have to be artsy shots, they just need to be you, having fun, playing Munchkin . . . read article

August 20, 2016:
Check out the article in the July issue of Meeple Monthly about Bill & Ted's Excellent Boardgame! Writer George Gonzalez interviewed designers Samuel Mitschke and Randy Scheunemann, as well as artist Len Peralta, about the processes, trials, and tribulations that went into making such a radical game . . . read article

August 21, 2016:
Reviewers – assemble! By which we mean, here's an assemblage of reviews and unboxings for Munchkin: Marvel Edition, which has been out for a few months now! . . . read article

August 22, 2016:
Which green creature do you prefer: Goblins or Martians? We know it's a hard decision . . . read article

August 23, 2016:
So be sure to read the "Designer's Notes" page he wrote for Munchkin Oz, where he describes the process of designing and writing that game. And yes, he did get to read all 14 of L . . . read article

August 24, 2016:
You can't feel gloomy and mixed up while reading Munchkin comics! Well, actually, you can if the comic issue is based on Munchkin Gloom and Moop's Monster Mashup . . . read article

August 25, 2016:
It's the monthly melange of Munchkin memoranda! We're still meshuggah over Moop's Monster Mashup . . . maybe you noticed . . . read article

August 26, 2016:
Did you know the very first draft of Munchkin Legends had far more old-timey legends from around the world – like the Japanese ghost, Ashiarai Yashiki? (It's a giant ghostly foot. Covered in mud . . . read article

August 27, 2016:
Bill & Ted's Excellent Boardgame came out this month, and the reviews have begun, dudes! Sam Healey of DiceTower.com says in his video review that it's fun, a good length, and better-designed than most movement programming games . . . read article

August 28, 2016:
Attention, attention! This is a Public Service Announcement from Steve Jackson Games . . . read article

August 29, 2016:
As we celebrate the 15th anniversary of Munchkin, there is at least one common theme: New art. We asked many amazing artists to reimagine the legendary work of John Kovalic, and the results have been spectacular . . . read article

August 30, 2016:
There's just one reprint coming out in December, but it's a good one. In this icy month, a fiery booster pack will swoop in for your Munchkin game. Munchkin Dragons Flap, flap. Fun fact: Munchkin Dragons is one of our fastest-selling booster packs . . . read article

August 31, 2016:
We've had a busy summer! In addition to all the conventions, we have a ton of new releases from July and August . . . read article

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