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August 31, 2016: New Releases For July & August

We've had a busy summer! In addition to all the conventions, we have a ton of new releases from July and August. Whether you're a fan of Munchkin, cats, 80s nostalgia, zombies, or classic card games, we've got you covered with our late summer releases. 

Moop's Monster MashupMoop's Monster Mashup

The marvelous magician Moop is mixing up monsters!

Moop is making some of the most vexing villains in Munchkin history, and you have to fight them! Equip weapons like the Beaver Cleaver or the Javelina to take down the silly Kangarooster and Drizzly Bear.

The humor is wacky and over the top, but it's still Munchkin, so you have to get to Level 10 to win! The bizarre beasts and equipment are brought to life with art from Ian McGinty (Munchkin Guest Artist Edition, Munchkin Knights).

Moop's Monster Mashup is available only at your friendly local game store.

Simon's Cat Card GameSimon's Cat Card Game


Simon's Cat Card Game, based on the hugely popular YouTube series by Simon Tofield, sold out at Gen Con but is in stores now. As a cat, you make messes. Avoid them by matching the color or number on the mess, but if you can't, you take that mess. When you make the most messes, you get Blame from Simon. First to get three Blames loses. So you don't have to be the best cat, just try not to be the messiest!

The game is simple enough for the whole family to play a round. It's the purrfect balance of furry fun!

Munchkin Oz Guest Artist EditionMunchkin Oz Guest Artist Edition

Loot the Emerald City!

The world of L. Frank Baum's book series comes to life with all-new art from Katie Cook (Munchkin Kittens, Munchkin Puppies). The world has been reimagined with adorable versions of Scarecrow and the Tin Woodsman fighting villainous baddies like King Krewl!

This limited edition is available exclusively on Amazon.com, so get yours before the story ends!

Bill & Ted's Excellent BoardgameBill & Ted's Excellent Boardgame

Be excellent to each other!

You've seen the movie. Two radical dudes travel through time to collect historical dudes in time to pass their oral history-exam. That's exactly what you do in Bill & Ted's Excellent Boardgame! But there's one catch: Each player is a version of Bill & Ted, and players have to get the most personages of historical significance before time runs out in San Dimas. The rest are off to military school! Plus, there are evil dudes chasing you through time and space! Most heinous.

The movie comes to life with original art by Len Peralta (Munchkin Apocalypse Guest Artist Edition). Remember, above all else - party on, dudes! 


I Hate Zombies!I Hate Zombies!

Do you hate zombies?

Because I Hate Zombies! They are always walking around, turning my friends into mindless undead. And here I am just trying to be the last bastion of humanity. 

Up to 12 players take the role of either a Zombie or Human, battling around the table using Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine the outcome. But each human has his own special power, and zombies are harder to kill. And if you die as a human, you aren't out; you become a zombie. The action is fast, and the brains are plentiful.

But no matter how much fun I'm having, I still dislike the undead. 

Munchkin Playing CardsMunchkin Playing Cards

Shuffle up and deal.

Finally, Munchkin-themed cards for all your traditional card games. Bring Spyke and Flower to your poker night, or annoy your little brother with the most munchkin of card games, 52 Pick-Up.

This 54-card deck includes original art from Ian McGinty, with unique suits and two jokers. We do not recommend attempting Munchkin-style cheating at your poker night. Unless you're really good.

-- Hunter Shelburne

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